This year, Denver home painting trends are all about bright colors and bold accents. If you’re looking to tackle home improvement projects while the weather is warm, summer is the perfect time for interior home painting.

Below are some ideas to brighten your interior year-round.

Peachy and Pink

Peachy pink walls in a bedroom or living area are a great way to bring some sunshine into your home. If the rest of your home leans toward neutral tones, like beige or white, a rose-tinted or peach accent wall may be the pop of color your home needs to stay cheery during the chilly winters.

denver home painting pink

Vibrant Green

If your home is garnished in earthy tones, green hues are a great way to add some vibrancy to your space.

Bright interior paint may feel like a bold choice, but emerald and minty tones are a way to bring nature into your living space. Green shades are evocative of summer hikes and tropical trees. This brave choice instantly connects your interior home paint to the great outdoors.

Not to worry- our environmentally friendly paint options allow for a home improvement project you can feel good about. Good for the health of the planet, and good for the value of your home.

denver home painting green

Bright Red

If you’re sticking with the colors of sunshine, warm oranges and bright red colors work as excellent accents to an otherwise bland room.

Denver’s architecture is largely influenced by the Spanish Colonial revival of the early 1900’s. Due to this revival in Denver, home painting already utilizes a lot of these warmer tones.

Try painting your door red as a way to enhance curb appeal and add intrigue to your entryway.

denver home painting warm

Summertime All The Time

Most Denver residents are still making use of ample free time in light of COVID-19, and a new design task may be just the thing to get cozy in your space. Let our team help!

Paint Denver can help you take your home from dated to modern–no remodel necessary. Our team of on and off-site supervisors and will be there to help throughout the entire process. From preparing a free quote to readying your space for painting, we have you covered.

We aren’t done after the paint dries though–your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our team follows up with you when the work is complete to ensure that your new space is exactly what you want. We’re excited to take your home to the next level.