Wall Retexturing & Removal

Whether you want to add texture to an existing wall or remove texture to reveal a smooth
finish, Paint Denver can make it look like new! Some of the retexturing services we offer are:

Orange Peel Wall Texturing and Removal

Orange peel wall texture is a “splatter” type texture that involves spraying plaster/drywall in a pattern over walls, covering them in uniform small bumps. It’s a popular technique used on walls in high-traffic areas of homes and businesses alike because dirt and scuffs are harder to notice.

We offer both complete orange peel wall texturing and orange peel texture repair services.
Note: Results will vary per job.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Removing popcorn ceilings is a tedious task. Most ceilings are covered in paint, so not only do you have to scrape off the popcorn, but the paint with flake off with it. In other words, a huge mess. Trust us, you’re going to want to leave this job to the Paint Denver professionals. We ask that homeowners do not inhabit the home while popcorn ceiling removal is done as it is a messy process.

Skim Coating

Skim coating is another term for “removing” a wall’s texture to give it a smooth finish. This is done by applying a joint compound to walls and smoothing it to cover any existing texture. Depending on the severity of the texture, many coats may be needed to achieve the desired finish.

Wall Retexturing and Repairs

Smooth walls not your thing? It’s easy to create a visually appealing look for your interior walls by adding texture. This not only adds another visual element to painted walls, but also better masks imperfections and scuffs.

Have a textured wall in need of repair? We offer retexturing, repair, and repainting services on an as-needed basis as well. Don’t pay to get your entire wall redone when we can spot fix!

The Paint Denver Difference

With Paint Denver by your side, you will always receive an unmatched experience different from any other in the painting contractor business. Our competitive prices, sustainable materials, crystal clear communication strategies, and beautiful, long-lasting results will leave your residential painting or commercial painting job looking incredible—and that’s the Paint Denver Difference.