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Ready to get started? We're just a call away!

Call us at 303.800.7575 or click the button below to submit an inquiry online. We will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your interior painting project and provide you with a free quote.

Preparing for your Interior House Painting Project

One of the most important aspects of interior painting is that you are prepared for the painting crew to move through your home. You know what works best for you and your family, so think about what order you would like your rooms painted ahead of time.

When the crew arrives, you will meet the Paint Denver Team Leader and they will ask you where you would like them to start. We are one of the leading Denver interior painters for a reason – we work efficiently and in a way that is convenient for you!

  1. At Paint Denver, we start and finish a room as quickly as possible. We do not need access to every room on every day, but some rooms may remain out of service overnight or longer. Think through the order you would like us to move through your home and note it for future reference.
  2. Areas that are not occupied, such as hallways, stairwells, powder rooms, and guest rooms, make good flex rooms. We can start painting these if we get ahead of ourselves and can work on them anytime with minimum disruption to you.
  3. We use only low and zero VOC paints on interiors because they are low odor and safer for your family than traditional paint. However, people with strong sensitivity to paint may still want to plan on sleeping in another room directly after their room is painted.
  4. Rooms that require extensive repairs may be out of service longer than one or two days, depending on the drying time of the repair products.
  5. Some specialized projects, like wallpapering and faux finishing, may require multiple visits to complete. These rooms may stay out of use longer.

General Considerations

  • Remove small, fragile, and expensive objects from the rooms that are to be painted. Any china should especially be emptied from china cabinets and moved away from work areas.
  • We will cover and protect the furniture and floors, but if there is a delicate piece of furniture or an heirloom that is tricky to move, please remove it before we arrive or make sure you notify the Team Leader before they start that room.
  • Please empty bookcases if we are to move and paint behind them. You can simply place the books on a sofa or chair that will be covered anyways. Please make sure that any furniture we are expected to move is not too heavy or that you have notified us to allow extra help in moving the furniture.
  • Remove paintings, pictures, posters, and manageable mirrors from the walls. If they are going back in the same place, leave the hardware and we will paint around or over it (so if you move it later, the spot is covered). If they are not going back up, please remove the hardware. This will be an indication that we are to repair the hole before painting.
  • Turn off, and if practical, disconnect electronic items such as computers and entertainment centers. This will make it easier for us to move them if needed, and it is preferable for the homeowner to remove these valuable items.

Special Considerations

Baby's Room

If we are painting a baby’s room, you should set up a temporary changing area and sleeping space for a day while the paint dries thoroughly. You should also take a few changes of clothes from the dresser. The low VOC paints will limit the smell and exposure to chemicals, but you can never be too safe.


Many items in the bedroom can be piled on the bed, as long as we do not need immediate access to the ceiling (to paint around a light fixture or repair a crack). Just make sure the bed is not too heavy to move if we need to paint behind it. We will then protect it with a clean cover.


Please remove any toiletries or medications you will need for the day. Clear off the counters and towel racks and remove any other personal items. If we are painting inside the medicine cabinet or vanity, please empty them.


If we are painting inside closets, we ask that they are completely empty. If we are not painting the closet, be sure to take out an extra day of clothes in case we need to seal it overnight.


If we are not painting inside the cupboards, please be sure that all tables and countertops are cleared. If we need to move appliances, like refrigerators and stoves, please be sure they are also cleared. While our goal at Paint Denver is to complete your kitchen in a day, it is best to plan on not having access to the kitchen for 24 hours.