How To choose Paint Colors In An Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are a great way to go. They can give the illusion of even more space, and allow everyone to feel involved in what’s going on. Let’s not forget the great hosting potential of an open floor plan! Interested in some inspiration for paint colors for an open floor plan?

With a divided floor plan, each room can be painted with minimal consideration to the rest of the house. But when one section flows seamlessly into the next, each section makes a dramatic impact on everything else.

When it comes to painting an open floor plan, there are three potential painting schemes:

One color – The simplest way to deal with painting an open floor plan is to make everything a single color. This presents the least potential for clashing since a color typically matches itself very well. One concern with this method is natural lighting. Every color looks a little different depending on the lighting, so be sure to check your color in each room before you paint.  Lighter hues work well for this method of open floor plan painting.

One pallet – The next option for painting your open floor plan is to paint within a single spectrum of color.  Find a light color you’re fond of; then use the other colors in that spectrum as accent colors. This allows you a bit more variety without risking harmony. If you want a bit more color, but are less familiar with what does or does not match, this would be a safe method for you.

Room accents – The most bold option for painting an open floor plan is to paint one or two walls in a bold accent color. The majority of your walls would be painted in a lighter, neutral tone, but for the dining room you might choose to paint a single wall a rich red. In the living room, you might accent in green. Just be careful, as this method can get overly busy (and clash) very easily.

Whatever method you are considering, talk with your painting expert as well. Because he paints every day, he may be able to show you what he’s done in other homes, or give you valuable tips on what works well together.

Whichever style you choose, a light base and a dash of color can turn your house into a home.