Your bedroom is your sanctuary; a place to get rest and escape from the demands of your day. As such, your bedroom should reflect a peacefulness and coziness. If you want to transform your bedroom into a soothing escape, you can achieve a warm and inviting look with paint.

Choosing paint for your bedroom may seem like a daunting task since there are so many options available. If you pick the right color paint, you may not need to do anything else to achieve a brand new look for your bedroom. Here are some tips to transform your bedroom with paint:Transforming Your Bedroom with Paint

Take bedding, furniture, and accessories into consideration. Your paint choice should work with the other colors in your room instead of against them.

Why Interior Wall Color Is Important

Narrow your focus. If you are having difficulty deciding on paint color for your bedroom, try focusing on a particular accessory, piece of furniture, or art. Your focal point can help you choose a color that complements the other components of the room.

When it doubt, go with a neutral paint. A tinted neutral shade like beige will add slight color but won’t be too bold. Grays are also great neutral shades for bedrooms. For a modern neutral shade, consider mint green, which goes great with white or pink accents.

Test the color first. Have you ever taken home a handful of paint chips only to be more confused than ever? It happens to the best of us. How can you judge how a large room will look from a 2×2 inch square of color? There is an easier way. We can help you narrow your selection down to two or three choices. Then we can paint a several square foot area of each and let you compare them in multiple lighting situations. Make your choice in a day or two, and we’ll make your room the perfect color.

Color can work in a small space. Darker, bolder colors like teal and purple can be perfect for a dark, sensual sanctuary. They can also complement other bold shades in accents like quilts and other fabrics in a smaller bedroom.

Be creative! Your bedroom is your room to relax, enjoy, and get much-needed rest after a long day. So choose paint colors that speak to you, your personality, and style.

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