Looking for a way to change your home this year? Tired of your rooms looking the same, and want a new way to make a statement?

You don’t have to pull out the hammer and saw – or the checkbook with a five figure amount. Look towards a brand new interior painting project instead.

One of the easiest ways to make a change in your home isn’t by knocking down walls and installing new décor. Instead, it can be done with surface items instead … a fresh new coat of paint.Affordable Remodeling: Start With Interior Painting

Interior paint serves two purposes. First, it protects your walls from the elements. As you move throughout your busy days, your walls take a lot of abuse. Paint helps protect the walls – the structure – to make sure your home will be sound and safe for many years to come.

Second, it adds to your décor. Home is where the heart is. No matter if you prefer a natural white, or a different vibrant color in every room, nothing says “you” quite like color. And the easiest way to add color is on your walls … and through your choice of interior paint.

Why Interior Wall Color Is Important

If you are ready for a change that won’t break the bank, look towards color, and talk to your professional painter.

Start by choosing a room. If its been a while since you’ve painted, start with the most visible first. A family room, kitchen or dining room can give you a new look that is visible every time you enter your home. It can change your mood and give you a new love and appreciation for your home.

Then prepare your room. While your professional painter will take care in covering and taping off all features of your room, it helps if you remove the light and easy moveables first. Take down pictures and paintings – your professional painter will fill nail holes and fix rough patches to give your walls a clean smooth look and feel. Remove items that are easily breakables – knickknacks that you might choose to replace

Finally, sit back and enjoy your “new” home. While you may have to wait for the new kitchen or the upgraded bath, a new paint job can leave your home looking clean, fresh and new.

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