Think painting your house is as easy as selecting a color? Think again. Paints come in different styles, different formulas, so here are different types of paints and their pros and cons.

Ask your painting contractor for his opinion. Chances are he works with one type again and again because of its dependability and reliability.

Then do a little research on your own to find out the best options for you.

Oil paints are usually a harder paint, have better abrasion resistance than a latex paint, and will withstand high traffic situations better. They also have a slightly higher gloss finish than standard latex paints.Different Types Of Paints and Their Pros and Cons

A great perk of oil based paint is it goes on smoother and is more durable that latex based paints. However its major disadvantage is the strong odor that comes along with it, it can take longer to dry, and is much more difficult to clean. Oil based paints cannot be cleaned with soap and water; instead it will take a solvent such as paint thinner – meaning it has a higher chemical base than other choices.

Latex paints and water based and are typically very durable, are fast drying, relatively low odor, and easy to apply. Unlike oil paints, a latex based paint can be cleaned up with simple soap and water solutions, making it the perfect choice for many of your interior needs. Latex paint also resists yellowing better than oil based paints, and has a better mildew resistance in high moisture situations, making it the perfect choice for kitchens and baths.

While it may seem like an easy choice to make with only two choices – oil or latex – one other factor has come into play in recent years.

Environmental concerns have now become a major concern for paint manufacturers, and their goal now is to create great paint with as few adverse health or environmental effects as possible.

Latex paints now have low VOCs, are easy to clean up, and are quick drying – big benefits when it comes to protecting both your health and the environment. In fact, many paint manufacturers are even pulling away from producing oil based paints because of the impacts.

Which means of course that some companies are finding ways to give the sheen and look of oil based paints in a safer formula, such as “waterborne enamels”.

What look are you trying to achieve? Anything is possible – let us create the perfect look for you.