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How To Choose Paint Colors For An Open Floor Plan

How To choose Paint Colors In An Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are a great way to go. They can give the illusion of even more space, and allow everyone to feel involved in what’s going on. Let’s not forget the great hosting potential of an open floor plan! Interested in some inspiration for paint colors for an open floor plan?

With a divided floor plan, each room can be painted with minimal consideration to the rest of the house. But when one section flows seamlessly into the next, each section makes a dramatic impact on everything else.

When it comes to painting an open floor plan, there are three potential painting schemes:

One color – The simplest way to deal with painting an open floor plan is to make everything a single color. This presents the least potential for clashing since a color typically matches itself very well. One concern with this method is natural lighting. Every color looks a little different depending on the lighting, so be sure to check your color in each room before you paint.  Lighter hues work well for this method of open floor plan painting.

One pallet – The next option for painting your open floor plan is to paint within a single spectrum of color.  Find a light color you’re fond of; then use the other colors in that spectrum as accent colors. This allows you a bit more variety without risking harmony. If you want a bit more color, but are less familiar with what does or does not match, this would be a safe method for you.

Room accents – The most bold option for painting an open floor plan is to paint one or two walls in a bold accent color. The majority of your walls would be painted in a lighter, neutral tone, but for the dining room you might choose to paint a single wall a rich red. In the living room, you might accent in green. Just be careful, as this method can get overly busy (and clash) very easily.

Whatever method you are considering, talk with your painting expert as well. Because he paints every day, he may be able to show you what he’s done in other homes, or give you valuable tips on what works well together.

Whichever style you choose, a light base and a dash of color can turn your house into a home.


How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Outside Of My House

If you own a home for more than five years, you will probably have to add “paint the house” to your home improvement to do list. Before you start a home project it’s always smart to budget the cost before hand. You may be wondering, “How much does it cost to paint the outside of my house?”

If you know the time is coming, there are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of painting the exterior of your home.How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Outside Of My House

How much needs to be painted? – Is your home mostly brick, or do all your exterior walls need paint?  Do your windows need to be touched up too, or is it just the walls?  Does the trim need painting?  The drainpipes?  The more that needs to be painted, the more the job will cost.

What types of materials need painting? – Different materials require different types of paint.  Metal work like drain pipes require a different paint than wood trim or siding.  Stucco and masonry require a totally different (and more expensive) type of paint.  Concrete and stone need unique treatment as well.  Unfortunately, the type of materials to be painted drastically drive the types of paint to be purchased.

How many different colors are you using? – Are you sticking to the traditional single shade for the house, accent for the trim; or are you planning on something a bit more like the rainbow?  Paint is cheaper in bulk, so the more colors you buy, the more expensive the job will be.

How much prep work needs to be done? – Prep work is the majority of a paint job.  A painter who does the job right will check for peeling paint, windows that need caulking, scrapping and sanding, covering fixtures, power-washing, priming, and so much more.  The condition of your home will impact how long these preparations take.

Are you hiring out or doing the work yourself? – Of course, one final factor in this cost equation is, who is doing the work?  If you hire a contractor the job will cost more.  If not, painting the outside of your house should only cost materials. However, keep in mind that do it yourself projects can quickly add up because of all the extra materials you will need to buy. It will also require many, many weekends away from family and friends while you labor away at completing the tasks.

Unfortunately, there is no convenient calculator to provide a simple cost for painting the outside of your home. Your best option is to be informed, then get several quotes from reputable contractors.


Painting Ideas For Kids Rooms

Want a project for the summer that will add new life to your kids’ rooms? Why not try a simple redecorating project you can both get involved in. Here are some painting ideas for kids rooms.

There are many times in a child’s life when they are ready for a change. A new nursery. Toddler days. When they head from preschool to school. When they head into their tween years. As they enter teenage years. And again when they head into high school.

Each step is a major change. And each step is the perfect opportunity for updating their rooms.

In some cases a full remodel may be in order. A tween no longer needs the small toddler bed they’ve used for many years.

In other cases, even something as simple as a paint job and a few new decorations can go a long way.
Painting Ideas For Your Kids Rooms
The key is to start with a core foundation that you can use over and over again – a high quality bed and a functional dresser, for instance. Then use color and accessories to change things around and give your child the uniqueness she thrives for every step of the way.

First, define your expectations. What purpose does your child’s room serve? Will she use her room exclusively from studying and sleeping? Or will it also house her toys, and provide inspiration throughout the day?

The color and the accessories should blend in with its purpose. Studying and sleeping might lead you to choose quieter tones and more neutral shades in the color spectrum. Inspiration and play time colors may allow things to be more vibrant.

Remember, pink for girls and blue for boys is so traditional. Instead, start with a vibrant color palette that will allow you to change things up with a change of a curtain or a simple accent stripe.

Let your kids be the unique individuals they are. It’s easy with a simple coat of paint.


Different Types Of Paints and Their Pros and Cons

Think painting your house is as easy as selecting a color? Think again. Paints come in different styles, different formulas, so here are different types of paints and their pros and cons.

Ask your painting contractor for his opinion. Chances are he works with one type again and again because of its dependability and reliability.

Then do a little research on your own to find out the best options for you.

Oil paints are usually a harder paint, have better abrasion resistance than a latex paint, and will withstand high traffic situations better. They also have a slightly higher gloss finish than standard latex paints.Different Types Of Paints and Their Pros and Cons

A great perk of oil based paint is it goes on smoother and is more durable that latex based paints. However its major disadvantage is the strong odor that comes along with it, it can take longer to dry, and is much more difficult to clean. Oil based paints cannot be cleaned with soap and water; instead it will take a solvent such as paint thinner – meaning it has a higher chemical base than other choices.

Latex paints and water based and are typically very durable, are fast drying, relatively low odor, and easy to apply. Unlike oil paints, a latex based paint can be cleaned up with simple soap and water solutions, making it the perfect choice for many of your interior needs. Latex paint also resists yellowing better than oil based paints, and has a better mildew resistance in high moisture situations, making it the perfect choice for kitchens and baths.

While it may seem like an easy choice to make with only two choices – oil or latex – one other factor has come into play in recent years.

Environmental concerns have now become a major concern for paint manufacturers, and their goal now is to create great paint with as few adverse health or environmental effects as possible.

Latex paints now have low VOCs, are easy to clean up, and are quick drying – big benefits when it comes to protecting both your health and the environment. In fact, many paint manufacturers are even pulling away from producing oil based paints because of the impacts.

Which means of course that some companies are finding ways to give the sheen and look of oil based paints in a safer formula, such as “waterborne enamels”.

What look are you trying to achieve? Anything is possible – let us create the perfect look for you.


7 Tips To Choosing a Color Before You Hire an Interior Painting Company

choosing paint color, interior painting company, painting your room

It’s been a while since you’ve painted the interior of your home. Maybe it’s time. Yet, when you’re ready for a change, it isn’t as easy as hiring an interior painting company and letting them do their job. In fact, the first task may be the most difficult – deciding what color each room should be.

When you hire a painter, you expect them to professionally paint each room. But did you know they are also there to offer advice on what colors to paint? Yet before you potentially hire someone to do the job, do a few things first to have a better idea of your color choice.

Start by looking through magazines to get a good idea of what you like and what you would accept into your own home. Do you like dark colors? Light and airy rooms? Or maybe somewhere in between. Boring white is not something you should use on every wall in your home.

Don’t approach this painting job with a closed mind. Painting something off white because its always been off white won’t give you the fresh new look you’re striving for.

Don’t expect your painting contractor to pick your colors for you. All a contractor can do is make suggestions, listen to your needs and make suggestions based on what he hears. He doesn’t have to live with the color after its painted.

If you narrow down your selection to 2 to 4 choices, consider painting a small area of each color on the main wall in your room. Leave it for a few days and see which color appeals to you in all conditions – daylight, night time light, and everything in between.

Stick with colors that make you happy. Just because a certain color happens to be the “in” color doesn’t make it the right choice for you. If you love blue, gravitate towards blue hues. Its okay to choose a color perfect for you.

Likewise, don’t paint everything a bright color because your friends are doing it. Its good to get inspiration from your neighbor’s new decorating skills. But if it isn’t the right style or color combination for you, leave it at your friends.

Don’t over think the process. In some cases, people never move forward and redecorate a room because they can’t make a decision. Give yourself a time limit and stick with it. Narrow it down as much as possible, then use the professional painting consultant’s guidance to choose.


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