Every parent has experienced the joy of attempting to make sense of the masterpiece created by his or her blooming artist.  Little ones learning about color and composition can be an excellent proof that color matters.  After all, while you may love your little one’s scribbles, but they aren’t true works of art.  So what can we learn about color from our little one’s pictures?

For Painting Interior RoomsColors are divided into categories.  In everything we are always seeking harmony and order.  Colors are no exception.  The color wheel is our attempt to group colors in a way that makes sense.  The main categories that show up on the color wheel are primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.  Someone who understands this wheel and the way it works will better be able to create pleasant color combinations in any area.

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Colors work together or conflict based on their position in the color wheel.  There are several rules about what colors work best with which colors.  Color schemes based upon analogous or complimentary colors tend to create the greatest harmony.  Analogous colors are colors that appear right next to each other on the color wheel.  Complimentary colors are colors that appear on opposite sides of the color wheel.

Colors have an affect on us.  So far we have discussed the theory behind colors, but what does that prove about why colors matter.  The key component that affects the importance of color is the effect color has on us.

Different colors can affect people different ways.  For instance, red tends to energize and revitalize while blue produces a calming effect.  A proper combination of colors can greatly impact the actions, attitudes, and energy levels of those in close proximity to it.  A poor combination of colors can create a confusion of these subconscious effects.

Color also affects our ability to appreciate what is around us.  If the color scheme is harmonious, we can appreciate the beauty and harmony of the object.  If the color scheme is poorly planned, we often are confronted with chaos instead.

Yes, color impacts us in big ways. If you are struggling to come up with the perfect color combination for your living room, dining room or kitchen, give us a call. As a professional painter, we have years of experience in selecting colors and seeing the final results on the walls. Its just one of the many values we offer to you, our clients. Give Paint Denver a call at 303-748-5595 today.