If you have a small home with small rooms, you have to think outside of the box when it comes to interior design. With the right color combinations, you can actually make the small rooms appear larger.

Using Color To Paint Your Small RoomsUnlike the popular opinion, you do not have to stick with white to make a space appear larger. Instead, you simply have to utilize the right colors and décor to bring your small spaces to life.

When choosing colors, make sure it appeals to your personal tastes. Your home should be a place in which you feel comfortable, so use colors you love.

· Choose sharp colors instead of dull, muted colors.

· Use contrasting colors here and there for visual “pop.”

· You can also make a focal wall – a wall that is one contrasting color to the rest of the walls in a room. This can help give your small rooms some depth.

Use different shades of the same color to maintain continuity between connecting rooms. You can add accent colors in different shades on the wall or use accent items, such as throw pillows, to help each room flow together. Consult with a professional paint consultant like Paint Denver.

When decorating your kitchen and bathroom, never be afraid of colors. Jazz up the walls of your kitchen with eclectic items in sassy colors. Take a risk in your bathroom with a bold, vibrant color, rather than the traditional soft, muted colors.

If you are leery of adding too much color in a permanent fashion, such as with paint, choose items of bright colors to create the desired effect. You can easily hang colorful paintings to bring color to a room or add a simple, colorful border at the top of a wall. Best of all, if and when you move, you can take these colorful items with you.

Finally, just be bold – do not be afraid to experiment with different colors until you find the palette that is perfect for you!