When it comes to painting the interior of your home, there are a lot of decisions to make. What color paint will you use, in which rooms, and what type? In addition to the basics, you need to decide what kind of finish you would like. This is where spraying and rolling paint comes into play.

Spraying or Rolling Paint: Which is Best?Spraying and rolling paint have less to do with the coverage of paint and more to do with the aesthetic look of the finish. Here are some facts about spraying and rolling paint to help you decide which is best for your painting project:

When to use spraying

Paint sprayers are usually used on the exterior of a house or building. Spraying is cheaper and easier than brushing and rolling paint. It covers more surface area quicker than other painting methods. When spraying inside, be sure to properly cover all furniture, windows, and floors as they are susceptible to overspray.

Spraying gives an even, smooth finish with no stipple. However, spraying isn’t always the best choice. Spraying allows the paint to get atomized and airborne. If you are spraying high walls and ceilings, a sprayer can only reach so far; if you’re spraying up, coverage may not be as good on the upper reaches of your home and walls. Also, you could make a big mess if you do it incorrectly, as paint could wind up in all of the wrong places.

When to use rolling

The rolling method of applying paint gives more texture than the spraying method. Rolling paint leaves stipple on walls. While some people like stipple, others do not. When areas are repainted frequently, stipple can build up and make the walls’ texture appear a lot thicker. Rolling paint doesn’t require as much prep as spraying because the paint will not be airborne as a mist.

It all comes down to personal preference when choosing which is best: spraying or rolling paint. While you might enjoy the look of brush marks on the trim, others may like the smoothness and clean lines of a spray finish. Talk with your professional painter about the best choice for you.