Your home is your castle.  Did you know that the colors you choose to put in your home can drastically affect your mood while you are in your castle?

Scientists have conducted a number of studies showing the relationship between color and mood.  As you are painting your walls, don’t forget, your color pallet can affect the memories and moods created within your walls.

Strive to energize

If you are seeking an energized atmosphere for your room, you should consider the power of painting in reds.  Red has been proven to be an energizing and revitalizing color.  Red has also been connected with an increased appetite.

Seeking inspiration?

Do you have a home office?  We all know the importance of taking care of business.  We want to get in, get done, and get on with the day.  Studies have shown that shades of green can aid in concentration.

Consider calm

Is your bedroom your sanctuary?  Do you have a special place to just get away from the world?  Consider shades of blue for these special oases.  Blue has been proven to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

Color Psychology Painting Your Rooms Can Change The Way You Feel

Want a Spa-spiration?

Bathrooms used to be mainly white.  This conveyed a sense of sanitization and cleanliness.  Recent trends are leaning more toward water type colors.  Blues, greens, and turquoises are great options for a less sterile looking clean.  Additionally, this helps give the feeling of a spa in your own home.

Find a comfy corner

Earth tones like browns are a great option for rooms where you just want to sit back and enjoy great company.  These color tones have been connected with a feeling of comfort and conversation.  If you want your friends and family to sit back and relax, consider coloring your walls with light earthy tones.