One of the top concerns of today is protecting the environment. Everywhere you look, you will find information about “going green.” Green products are safer for people and kinder to the environment.

This even applies to the paint you use on your home.Are Zero VOC Paints VOC Free?

Many homeowners are trying to choose environmentally-friendly paints when painting their home. Eco-friendly paints are supposed to have no volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, in them. VOCs are carbon-based substances that can cause health problems and pollute the air.

There has been much discussion about whether zero VOC paints are truly VOC free.

In a 2009 examination of various paint types, including those labeled to be VOC free, it was found that even though some paints had low levels of VOCs, all of the paints contained at least some VOCs – even the ones labeled VOC free.

So, what does this mean for the average consumer looking for eco-friendly paint?

It is important to note that none of the paints tested exceeded the federal limits regarding VOCs. However, since even the VOC free paints contained VOCs, you must take that into consideration the next time you decide to have a room painted. Just because a paint claims to be free of VOCs, it still contains them – it just contains fewer than five grams per liter of paint.

By all means, if you want an eco-friendly paint, you should choose the paint that has the lowest amount of VOCs. Just remember not to be fooled by the labels.

As it stands right now, VOC levels in paints are diminishing – but they are certainly still present. It is essential that you, the consumer, do your research before buying paint. Use the internet, contact professionals, and just ask questions before you choose a paint product and learn more about each paint option. This will help ensure that you know exactly what is in the paint you decide to use within your home.