The paint color you choose for the rooms in your home says a lot about your personality. Whether you purposely chose them to suit your mood or you select paint colors on a subconscious level, your choices reveal a lot about you.

Your paint choices have an impact on your home and the people that live in it. They also affect your guests and their mood when they visit your home. Your paint color choice is a very important decision when it comes to selling your home as well.

What Your Paint Color Choice Says About YouSome popular colors and what they say about your personality:

Purple- If you love purple, you probably have a calming demeanor. Relaxing yet stimulating, purple and other shades of violet can spark creativity. They also invoke calmness in the brain. Purple is great for children’s rooms and offices

Blue- If you choose blue for the paint in your room, Blue is a very relaxing shade that actually slows down the heart rate. Blues also make some rooms look larger than what they really are.

Red- The warm color of red usually indicates that you are an intense and passionate person. Red is a great choice for kitchens and dining rooms because it is actually an appetite stimulant.

Tips For Home Exterior Trim Color

Green- If you choose green for the paint color in your home, it means that you value security in your life. Green invokes a feeling of peace and harmony, and it’s a great color for studies or bedrooms. Green is also the easiest color for your eyes to see and read in.

Brown- Rich brown choices in paint mean that you are a very serious and respectful person. You also have a great sense of style. Blue looks fabulous with light blue accents.

Yellow- A love for yellow paint means that you value happiness and joy. You are a very energetic person, and yellow saturates a room with cheerful, vibrant energy that is perfect for your personality.

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