Interior painting trends change frequently, and it isn’t always to keep up with what the hottest new choices are. Our professional cabinet painters outlined some color trends we’re seeing in 2022 and leading into 2023. Residential painters in Cherry Hills Village have seen it all, so you can feel confident that we know what works, what doesn’t, and how to make your home look spick and span!

Green Cabinets

There are a few cabinet paint color trends that seem to be popular this year. One is shades of green. These can be either olive greens or brighter shades of lime green. They can be very refreshing and inviting in a kitchen.

Blue Cabinet Trends

Another popular trend is blue. This can be either a cool navy or a bright sky blue. It can add a lot of personality to a kitchen and make it feel more like a cozy and coastal living space. A pop of color can go a long way to to bring personality and style to your home without breaking the bank.

Clean Crisp Neutrals

A third trend is classic black and white. This timeless combination can make any kitchen look elegant and clean. Our professional cabinet painters see this trend in action most often. This is also a popular choice for home flippers or upcoming sellers. Over 55 percent of buyers will pay more for a home with updated features like new fixtures and freshly painted cabinets.

Interior Painting Cherry Hills Village

Whatever the trend, it’s important to choose a color that you will love for years to come. Choosing a paint color is a big decision, but with the right painter, it can be easy and fun. Our residential painters in Cherry Hills Village are here to help you choose the perfect color for your home. Give us a call today!