Managing Leftover Latex Paint

Latex paint is the popular paint used these days. In fact, approximately 85 percent of paint sold in this country is latex paint. Why is it so popular?

Latex paint contains less hazardous ingredients, so it is less harmful to the environment. Plus, it’s easy to clean up with soap and water. These reasons make latex paint the paint of choice for many homeowners who are doing their own projects.

Although popular, latex paints do contain vinyls, acrylics, and epoxies that can be detrimental to the environment if they are not disposed of properly. If you pour latex paint down the drain or get rid of it in the trash, it could pose problems. Here are some ways to manage leftover latex paint:

Reduce the amount of latex paint that you buy. Make sure you only buy what you need. This eliminates the need to manage leftover latex paint!

Use up what you buy. This is the best way to get rid of the latex paint. You can use leftover amounts for smaller painting projects or little touch-ups around the house. Be sure to recycle the empty paint can when you are finished.

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Give leftover paint away. If you can’t store it, give it away. You may have friends or family members who are beginning painting projects. Or, consider giving the paint to a charitable organization or school.

Recycle latex paint. Some have recycling centers and hazardous waste collection programs may accept latex paint for recycling.

Participate in a paint swap. Some neighborhoods hold paint swaps in order to get rid of unwanted paint at a nearby facility. The paint must still be in usable condition, and the lid must be intact.

If you must dispose of leftover paint, it must be dried up as you should never get rid of liquid latex paint. You can dry the paint up by using kitty litter or sawdust. Then, dispose of the paint in an appropriate landfill. Contact Paint Denver today about your leftover latex paint.