If you own a home for more than five years, you will probably have to add “paint the house” to your home improvement to do list. Before you start a home project it’s always smart to budget the cost before hand. You may be wondering, “How much does it cost to paint the outside of my house?”

If you know the time is coming, there are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of painting the exterior of your home.How Much Does It Cost To Paint The Outside Of My House

How much needs to be painted? – Is your home mostly brick, or do all your exterior walls need paint?  Do your windows need to be touched up too, or is it just the walls?  Does the trim need painting?  The drainpipes?  The more that needs to be painted, the more the job will cost.

What types of materials need painting? – Different materials require different types of paint.  Metal work like drain pipes require a different paint than wood trim or siding.  Stucco and masonry require a totally different (and more expensive) type of paint.  Concrete and stone need unique treatment as well.  Unfortunately, the type of materials to be painted drastically drive the types of paint to be purchased.

How many different colors are you using? – Are you sticking to the traditional single shade for the house, accent for the trim; or are you planning on something a bit more like the rainbow?  Paint is cheaper in bulk, so the more colors you buy, the more expensive the job will be.

How much prep work needs to be done? – Prep work is the majority of a paint job.  A painter who does the job right will check for peeling paint, windows that need caulking, scrapping and sanding, covering fixtures, power-washing, priming, and so much more.  The condition of your home will impact how long these preparations take.

Are you hiring out or doing the work yourself? – Of course, one final factor in this cost equation is, who is doing the work?  If you hire a contractor the job will cost more.  If not, painting the outside of your house should only cost materials. However, keep in mind that do it yourself projects can quickly add up because of all the extra materials you will need to buy. It will also require many, many weekends away from family and friends while you labor away at completing the tasks.

Unfortunately, there is no convenient calculator to provide a simple cost for painting the outside of your home. Your best option is to be informed, then get several quotes from reputable contractors.