Making the decision to paint the interior of your home is sure to give you a fresh, new look – as long as you do not run into any problems down the road. As Highlands Ranch house painters we know there are various interior paint problems that plague the DIY homeowner. Understanding some of these problems will help you learn how to avoid them to ensure that your home’s interior paint looks beautiful.

Blistering Interior Paint

Blistering is a common paint problem. This occurs when you notice little bubbles in the paint. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including moisture. You can scrape and sand the blisters to remove them, then repaint.

Unlike blistering, cracking comes with age. It is normally caused by using a lower quality paint that first cracks, then starts to flake. Your Highlands Ranch house painters will advise you remove the loose paint, then use a quality primer and top coat.

Yellowing of the painted walls also occurs most often from using a lower quality paint. That’s why Highlands Ranch house painters like investing in higher quality paint. High quality paint means you can avoid this problem, even as the paint on your walls ages.

“Picture Framing” in Interior Paint

Picture framing creates the effect of a picture frame on the painted walls. This comes from applying the paint with a roller on the wall, but using a brush around the edges. To avoid this problem, paint the room in small sections to help keep the coverage even.

Foaming and Cratering Interior Paint

Foaming and cratering occurs from using a lower quality paint. The paint foams when it is applied, but the bubbles fail to pop before the paint is dry. When they do pop, they leave tiny craters behind. Invest in quality paint to help avoid this problem.


Roller texture is left behind when you use the wrong type of roller cover and low quality paint. Make sure you choose a higher quality paint and use the appropriate cover to avoid leaving an unwanted texture on your walls.

Your Highlands Ranch House Painters

Ever think you would run into this many problems when painting your interior walls yourself? Most people don’t. It can be frustrating to be excited about the chance of redecorating, only to find the new color on your walls isn’t near as “wonderful” as you thought it would be.

To avoid this problem altogether, hire a professional. You’ll get high quality paint, a superior finished product, and gorgeous results every time.