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4 Things to do to Prepare Your Interior for Denver Painters

Paint contractors understand that, ideally, your Denver painters should be in and out of your home as quickly as possible when it comes to interior paint jobs.

Painting companies want to ensure we’re doing the best work possible and get you back to a normal space as seamlessly as possible. For that process to move quickly, there are a few things homeowners can do to assist with making interior paint jobs efficiently.

Moving Furniture

Interior paint jobs are a bit more tedious than exterior jobs. Moving heirlooms or delicate furniture away from walls or doorframes ensures safety for those items. If you need assistance to move these items, please notify the Paint Denver Team Leader and we’ll take extra care to keep these pieces of furniture safe. For regular pieces of furniture, we will cover and protect the furniture and floors.

To assist with efficient prep work, removing small, fragile, and expensive objects from the rooms that are to be painted would help our team immensely. Any china should especially be emptied from china cabinets and moved away from work areas. Emptying bookcases and removing paintings, pictures, posters, and manageable mirrors from the walls would also speed up the prep work.

Wall Plate Removal

It’s an easy thing to forget. These little plastic fixtures are all removed, put away, then replaced by our crews before and after a job. We want to be sure there aren’t any bare spots where the paint doesn’t cover.

Remove these, along with any vent and return covers and shorten the painting process by a few minutes!

Floor Coverings

We’ll provide these for any job, but if you have sheets and other unused, old fabrics you want to use for protection, set them out!

Our Denver painters always come prepared, but these extra tools may help keep the space protected from accidental spills or splatter.

Prepping the Details

There are a dozen little things our team does to prep a space for interior paint. We clean all surfaces including walls, ceiling, and trim. It’s not always obvious, but these surfaces collect dust, pet hair, and sawdust overtime and could interfere with the quality of the paint job.

We also cover any imperfections in the surfaces with drywall patching. This ensures smooth, perfect paint application.

Most painting companies, like Paint Denver, are happy to do this ourselves. But doing them ahead of time may speed up your home improvement timeline.

Stress Free Interior Painting

Of course, you could just kick up your feet, relax, and let Pain Denver’s team of professional painters take the lead.

We’re happy to prep and paint your interior and keep the home improvement process as stress-free as possible. If you have a painting project in mind, we invite you to schedule your free estimate!


Why Choose Paint Denver as Your Professional Painting Contractor? – Infographic

As professional painters, we know working with contractors can sometimes be frustrating. That’s why we work hard to break the stigma and stand out from the contractors you may have worked with in the past. At Paint Denver, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and strive to make sure every customer is happy with the job we provide.

Check out the infographic below to learn a few of the reasons why Paint Denver is one of the best professional painters in Denver!

Why Choose Paint Denver? professional painters infographic

Our team is experienced, reliable, and ready to help you spruce up your home for any occasion. Our customers throughout the Denver area are repeatedly satisfied with our services.

“I would highly recommend Paint Denver to anyone and everyone! They were fabulous to work with. They did my house and my neighbor’s house perfectly. I can’t stop staring at my home, it looks brand new. I was impressed the way Paint Denver very carefully and meticulously taped off the pieces and parts that had to be painted by hand.”– Mallory Peterson

We are backed by decades of professional experience. Looking to improve curb appeal before you sell your home? We’re the team for you. Interested in brightening up the interior of your home for some seasonal change? We’ll get the job done on time and on budget.

Give us a call anytime to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation.

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Professional Painter Can Remodel Your Kitchen On A Budget

What room is the biggest eyesore in your home? If you said your kitchen, this may be the year you do something about it. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to update it and give it a fresh, new look. In fact, if you talk with your professional painter first, you may be amazed at how modern and clean your kitchen can be without taking out another loan for a complete remodel.

Paint The WallsProfessional Painter Can Remodel Your Kitchen On A Budget

Start with a fresh coat of paint in a vibrant, modern color. People stay neutral because they are afraid of color. Yet color can be a great thing when modernizing the look and feel of your kitchen. Head online and look at kitchen remodeling sites to get a good idea of what look you are going for. Browse through magazines and create a folder with your favorites. This will help your painter understand what colors to suggest and to help you choose from.

Drying Times For Interior Latex Paint

Paint The Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are still in good shape, just looking a little tired and worn, or perhaps a color or stain right out of the 1980s, a fresh coat of paint can bring them into the current century. Today’s kitchens incorporate color and woods for a design unique to your home. Again, turn to home magazines or online resources for inspiration. Then let your professional painter do their magic.

Painting cabinets is not the same as painting a wall. You need deglossing primers to maintain the paint application. Use proper paints to make sure your cabinets are easy to clean and maintain, taking the abuse of daily use. Make sure you paint the entire cabinet, inside and out for a professional look.

Painted vs Stained Kitchen Cabinets – How Do You Decide?

You can also do little things to add a modern look. If you have recessed panel doors, remove the center panel and insert glass to open the cabinets up. Install new hardware to compliment your theme. Then have fun with other details to bring out the color – how about a glass backsplash to complement the look?

Paint The Countertops

If you’re tired of the old laminate countertops, give them a fresh coat of paint as well. Again, you won’t use regular wall paint for the process, countertops require special paints and sealers to ensure you will be able to use the countertops for normal kitchen functions. By working with a professional, you can choose a variety of color combinations, even have the final look resemble the granite you’ve long desired.

For a fraction of the cost, a little bit of paint and a professional painter is all you’ll need to update your kitchen, and have the room you’ve long desired.

Contact us about your Denver Interior House Painting ideas today.


How A Painter Can Help You Insulate Your Home

What is one of your biggest concerns and costs when it comes to your home? Chances are, one of them is keeping the warm air inside in the winter, and the cold air inside in the summer. Insulate your home by hiring a professional painter.

Every year those energy bills come in and inch upward, causing you to spend more and more of your paycheck just to heat and cool your home. So when its time to make updates to your home and improve your home’s efficiency, it’s natural to want to go “green” or find top quality products that will end up saving you in the long run.

How A Painter Can Help You Insulate Your HomeWhen people think of lowering energy bills, they typically will look into replacing windows and doors, or upgrade their heating and cooling system with something more efficient. But there is another way – something that few home owners may have considered. Thermal reflective coatings.

Many homes and buildings built throughout the Denver Metro area contain little or inappropriate insulation. Which means when you’re heating or cooling your home, some of it seeps through the walls, cracks and joints of your home, causing you to continue to turn on the heat/air again and again to maintain an appropriate temperature.

That’s where thermal reflective coatings come into play. This paint like coating has a technology, that when painted on and cured, prevents heat and cold from moving through it. Which means with a simple paint-like process, your home could be warmer almost immediately.

The process isn’t complex – its simply spray painted on. It can adhere to a variety of materials and surfaces – from water heaters and roofing. In most cases it doesn’t need a lot of prep work, primers or surface preparation. And it provides full coverage and sealant on lead containing paint, and can even provide you with a mold resistant barrier.

All while making your home a more efficient place to live.

Give us a call today and discuss how this process can help you conserve energy and save money on your energy bills.


Why A Professional Painter Can Add Value To Your Home

Painting your home is a quick and easy way to add value to your home. Think about it – if you see two houses on the same block, identical to each other in architecture, but one has a poorly painted exterior, while the other has a beautiful exterior – which one would you expect to have the higher price tag?

Why A Professional Painter Can Add Value To Your HomeThe beautifully painted home, of course, is going to have more value than the poorly painted home. And curb appeal sets the basis for everything. A great outside immediately fills you with anticipation for looking at the inside. And a not-so-great outside; well, your worries start before you cross the threshold. You’ll start looking for “problem” the minute you walk through the door.

If you are thinking of selling your home, or you simply want a home that is aesthetically pleasing, painting the exterior is a good idea – as long as you let the professionals handle the job.

In the world of painting, there are three roads you can follow. You can do it yourself, you can hire the cheapest person you can find, or you can look for a quality professional.

Doing it yourself means buying the supplies, picking out the right paint, choosing the right color, prepping the area, painting it and making it look the best it can be – all in your spare time. Don’t have a lot of spare time? Then maybe you can hire the cheapest painter you can find.

The only difference between doing it yourself and the “cheapest” approach is he’ll do the quickest paint job he can with the lowest cost products he can find. And he has one thing you don’t – a lack of concern about the final outcome. Which means your paint job will suffer not only in the long run, but quite likely in the short run too. Which leads us to the truly qualified professional painter.

Professionals do more than just slap a cheap coat of paint on your home’s exterior. They take the time to ensure that the surface is properly prepped, including scraping, power washing, and whatever else is needed to make the paint application look amazing.

Quality painters will help you pick out the best colors for your home to ensure that each color is complimentary and creates the exact look that you want. They will also use only the highest quality of paint, which means you will not have to worry about repainting in a year. Professionals also offer different guarantees and warranties on their work – something you will not find if you hire that “friend of a friend” who needs work.

If you want to add true value to your home, hire a professional to handle your painting needs.