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How Much Does It Cost to Remove Popcorn Ceiling?

Thinking of doing a few home renovations to make your home feel more modern? Flipping an outdated property? There are plenty of reasons people decide to upgrade their space and remove popcorn ceilings, but when planning a budget, make sure you know what is worth a DIY and what isn’t. So, how much does it cost to remove a popcorn ceiling?

Time Required

A lot of these project cost estimates are highly dependent on the size of the space. Typically, the process of removing the popcorn ceiling in a room can take anywhere from four hours to ten hours. This doesn’t include prep or clean up.

If your popcorn ceiling is covered in paint, it may be more difficult to remove. In this case, your renovation team will need to apply a chemical stripper to break down the barrier created by the paint.

The process of removing popcorn ceilings can be relatively straightforward usually. However, things become more complicated when there is asbestos present within the popcorn ceiling material. In this case, you’ll definitely want to consult with a professional to ensure your project is completed safely and successfully.

Average Cost to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

For an average project, removing popcorn ceilings costs around $1 to $2 per square foot. This number could change for a number of reasons, but most clients fall within this threshold.

Supplies like scrapers, ladders, and protective materials cost anywhere from $148 – $168 on average per 500 square feet. Basic labor (which includes scraping and disposing of debris, planning, preparation, and cleanup) generally costs between $15 and $40 per hour when hiring a professional.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Do you have the time, experience, patience, and materials it will take to complete a popcorn ceiling removal? If not, you may want to rely on a professional team to get it done. If you have any questions or would like to inquire about a free quote, please reach out to the Paint Denver team.


House Painting Before or After Move-In

Congratulations on your new home! What an exciting milestone to achieve and we bet you’re excited to move-in! But wait! Before you move in, there are a lot of logistics to consider when you’re moving from one place to another. You need to think about what needs to be done to your new home before you move in! You may be on the fence about a house painting before you actually move in, but that’s one of the best and easiest things you can do to make your new space look new and feel like home.

No Need to Move Furniture

Interior house painting is easiest when it’s being done on a new home. Painting a new home before you move in allows paint contractors to have room to move around and paint without needing to move furniture or other items. Properly prepping your new home painting is crucial for protecting flooring, fixtures, and furnishings. If there’s no furniture in your home, there’s no need to move it and you won’t have to worry about damaging it.

Avoid Messing Up Wet Paint

A pre-move-in paint job allows for the paint to dry completely before you begin to move in your belongings. When your interior painting project is complete before move-in, you can spend an extra day or two outside of your new home to ensure all the paint is dried.

If you paint your interior after your belongings are in your home, you might want your belongings back in place as soon as possible. This might mean moving furniture to rooms that aren’t dried and potentially messing up the wet paint.

Saves Time and Labor

Interior house painting with a new home can save you both time and labor costs. Painting a new home means you don’t have to move furniture back and forth after one room is done. Less labor means you’ll be saving more money!

If your paint contractor is painting an empty home, this means your interior painting can be done all in one go without having to schedule multiple appointments.

Let’s get your new home move-in ready with a fresh interior painting project. Contact Paint Denver today at 303-800-7575 to schedule your appointment. We guarantee a job well done!


How to Select a Denver Interior Painting Company

Painting is one of the more popular home improvement projects homeowners like to take into their own hands. However, hiring a professional paint contractor will save you a lot of time and effort, and often has a better-looking end result. Finding a paint contractor who meets your wants and needs is another story. Here’s how you can find an interior painting contractor in a large city like Denver that will ensure your interior painting project meets and exceeds your expectations.

Consider Experience and Location Expertise

In this trade, the experience is extremely important. Consider how long the contractor has been in business and where your contractor is located. In a city like Denver, interior painting may be slightly different than interior painting in the mountains due to humidity levels and the amount of natural light. Paint Denver is a Denver based interior painting company and knows the tricks of the trade for a city like this and its surrounding areas.

Preparation Work

This is an extremely important aspect of finding an interior painting contractor. A cheaper job will most likely skimp out on thorough prep work to cut corners. A good paint contractor will take the time to do everything that should be done. Here at Paint Denver, we employ extensive prep work to our interior painting jobs to ensure your belongings and floor are safe from paint. We can even help with moving furniture if you notify us beforehand!


The most important thing you should look for in a paint company is if a guarantee is offered. If you notice your interior paint is not up to the quality described beforehand, a warranty will protect your home and ensure a job well done. At Paint Denver, we have a Quality Assurance Program to ensure that you are satisfied before we consider the job complete. By checking in after the project is completed, we can ensure that our crew met and hopefully exceeded your expectations.

If you’re looking to hire a Denver interior painting company, this is why you should choose Paint Denver. Our expertise and dedication to the environment and your safety by using low and zero VOC paints ensures you are satisfied with our interior painting projects. When contracting Paint Denver, we will provide the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and sustainability within the painting industry. Living up to this commitment means that we follow through on our promises and treat every customer as if they are our only customer. Call us today at 303-800-7575 for a free estimate!


Perks of Using a Denver Paint Contractor

When you’re looking to have your home painted, hiring professional house painters is definitely the smart way to go. You can either choose to hire a national corporation or a local Denver paint contractor. While both have their benefits, hiring a local Denver paint contractor instead of a national corporation is the smarter decision – and we’re here to tell you why.

Local Paint Contractors Care

Local paint contractors need to protect their professional reputation by ensuring good reviews. These paint contractors live and work in the area and word can get around quickly, whether it’s good or bad. You have a more personal experience with local paint contractors since you’ll be in direct contact with them, instead of someone at a call center.

You Help Your Local Economy

You can also feel great hiring a Denver paint contractor since it helps boost Denver’s local economy! The money is going back to the region and not to a large corporation elsewhere.  Local paint contractors are more likely to be involved with the neighborhood in projects and organizations that are important to the community.

They Have Valuable Input

Local paint contractors know what the local styles and trends are. They can help provide you with advice and input when you’re deciding to paint your exterior or interior. Since they live in the area, they also know the climate and weather and can ensure the paint they use can stand up to any situation.

Easy Reference Check

A great thing about hiring a Denver paint contractor is their work is all in town! It’s easy to check the quality of a local paint contractor’s work when their work is all done locally. National corporations might not have any work done in your area and images can be easily altered to show a better-quality job than what was actually done. Local paint contractors offer homeowners the unique opportunity to see exactly what they’re getting with local examples.

If you’re looking for a local Denver paint contractor that goes above and beyond expectations, look no further. Paint Denver is your local paint contractor. With our Quality Assurance Program, we are not finished until you are satisfied with the job. If you’re ready to get started with transforming your home, give us a call at (303) 800-7575.


When to Save for Home Improvements (And When to Splurge)


Home renovations can get a bit pricey and overwhelming with the hardest part is sticking to your budget. The secret to staying in budget is knowing when to splurge and when to save.

Before investing in any project, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to help evaluate how you’ll embark on your renovations. You should debate whether you can do it yourself, the amount of time it will take, and the permanence of the project.

And while you’re debating whether to hire a paint contractor or DIY, we’ve made this process easier by devising a list of home improvement projects you can do without and some you can spend a little more on to enjoy.


Bathroom Tile Home Improvement Paint Contractor

High-end appliances can run up to $9,000 for a refrigerator, cooktop and oven, and dishwasher. Base models are easily one-third of the price and even the best appliances will need occasional repair work. Reliable, durable, no-frills appliances can cost half the price of their top-tier counterparts. There’s also stainless-steel paint to update old appliances.


Ceramic tiles are sturdy and affordable. Many designs often look like the designer, hand-made tiles, but for a far more affordable price. If you want to add a little “wow” factor, save on the background tile and spend a little more on accents.


Lighting design changes often and the sculptural designs and luxury finishes can quickly become over the top. If you’re on a budget, pass on the glam (or DIY it) and pick a fixture that is functional and incorporates layers of ambiance and accents.



Paint is made up of 3 basic components; pigments, solvents, and resins. Pigments give the paint color, solvents are the liquid carriers that transfer the pigments onto a surface, and resins allow the pigments to bind together once the solvents have evaporated, giving the paint its gloss.

Bargain paint will be diluted with more solvents and will provide less color payout, although cheaper. It’s best to go with a higher quality paint with a high amount of resin to give you a more resilient final product, such as the ones we use at Paint Denver.

The process of painting is also very time consuming, while a paint contractor can get in and out of your house in a few days, you’ll be staring at half-finished walls and drop cloths for weeks.

CabinetsHome Improvement Cabinets Paint Contractor

You should always pay more for things you interact with on a daily basis as they see more contact and wear than usual. This includes kitchen and bathroom cabinets. A drawer that sticks or doors that are misaligned, after a few months, will give you all kinds of buyer’s remorse.

Custom cabinets can get very pricey, but nowadays you can find a solid construction in reasonable semi-stock cabinets. While your paint contractor is working on your walls, you can also add your cabinets to their list as well!


Countertops see a ton of abuse and are often the focal point of a kitchen. It’s worth spending more on this material that will see constant wear and tear and have both durability and attractiveness. Natural stones like granite and marble are timeless classics, but in recent years, quartz has materialized into popularity.

If you’re ready to get started on some home renovation, you can start here by hiring a paint contractor at Paint Denver to refresh your walls, cabinets, and more! Give us a call today at (303) 800-7575.


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