Ready to change the look of a room? The easiest way to do it is with a fresh coat of paint. But choosing the color is only the start of the process. Do you know what’s the best paint for a room? Is it flat, semi-gloss or gloss? Your Littleton house painters can help you decide.

Different rooms have different needs. Littleton house painters will tell you that different paints offer various durability levels. It’s important to match the use of the room with the type of paint that will give you the best coverage, and wear well overall over the next few years.

Let’s take a look at the qualities of flat, semi gloss, and gloss paint.

Flat Paint

Going with a flat finish is an excellent selection for a room with a low amount of traffic or activity. The finish goes on dull, but will hide most imperfections on the surface area it covers. Your Littleton house painter will explain that it adheres well to any finish, and is especially effective on rough surfaces.

The disadvantage with flat paint is that it is difficult to clean. Therefore, you should avoided using it in high-traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchens. As Littleton professional house painters, we notice these areas are where it will quickly pick up dust, dirt, and grease.

Semi-Gloss Paint

The next option is semi-gloss, which is a popular choice because of its versatility. Semi-gloss is generally used for most family rooms and living areas, as well as children’s bedrooms and kitchens. This kind of paint has a slightly shiny finish when dried and will cover some imperfections. Semi-gloss is also easy to wipe clean and looks good in almost any room of the house.

Gloss paint

Finally, Littleton house painters will recommend gloss paint for high activity areas such as doors, cabinets, and kitchens. While it will not cover up surface imperfections, gloss has a tough shiny finish that will hold up to repeated cleanings.

Make your painting project one to remember by going with a color that reflects your personality, and a finish that meets your active lifestyle.