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Greenwood Village House Painters Guide to Winter Projects

Greenwood Village house painters are no stranger to the restraints of Colorado weather cycles. Here in Colorado, painting the exterior of your home isn’t an improvement project you can tackle any time of year. We’re at the mercy of mother nature.

Greenwood Village exterior painting companies typically don’t send contractors up a wet, icy ladder in the middle of the winter. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re unable to tackle home improvement projects in the coming months! This is the perfect time to call your local Greenwood Village painter to get a quote for interior work. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your home if you’re tackling a winter interior improvement project.

Revitalize Your Home

If your walls have been the same color for years, you may consider a fresh coat of paint once the holiday decorations are down. By consulting with Greenwood Village house painters, you can pick their brain on trending colors, textures, and interior choices. They can weigh in on how to best compliment your interior space. This will give your space a facelift and introduce a new vibe to your home.

Avoid the Post-Holiday Blues

Once the excitement of the holidays simmers down, you may be feeling listless and dull. The interior of your home may be adding to that mood. Make the most of your project by planning ahead! Schedule a consultation and project timeline that will keep things moving, but not stress you out. You can even choose colors that brighten your space. Green can be uplifting, while blue can create a sense of tranquility. If you’re looking for a natural way to enhance your mood, these are great colors for interior home painting.

Greenwood Village House Painters

If you are long overdue for an interior home painting, you should consider getting in touch with a Greenwood Village paint contractor to help revive your home. This will make your entire space look more vibrant, stylish, and may even relieve some stress! Contact Paint Denver today at 303-800-7575 for a free estimate. With Paint Denver, you get a quality experience, every time.


Hiring Highlands Ranch House Painters Before Move-In Day

So you found a new home in Highlands Ranch. Congratulations! The front range is such a beautiful place to live and explore. We’re sure you’ll love it. Before you move in, there are a lot of logistics to consider. Highlands Ranch house painters can help you achieve what needs to be done to your new home before you move in!

You may be on the fence about painting your home before you actually move in, but that’s one of the best and easiest things you can do to make your new space look new and feel like home.

Avoiding Home Painting Obstacles

Highlands Ranch house painters will tell you that interior house painting is easiest when it’s being done on a new home. Why? There isn’t furniture and other home fixtures within the home to move around and protect. Painting a new home before you move in allows Highlands Ranch paint contractors to have room to move around without any obstacles.

Properly prepping your new home painting is crucial for protecting flooring, fixtures, and furnishings.

Avoid Messing Up Wet Paint

pre-move-in paint job allows for the paint to dry completely before you begin to move in. When your painting project is completed before move-in, you can avoid any of those paint smells and ensure you’re walking into a home with a blank slate.

If you paint a home after move-in, you run the risk of leaving fingerprints or scuff marks on the paint when relocating furniture from room to room. A big paint smudge on a beautiful couch is never a good feeling.

Saves Time and Labor 

Interior house painting with a new home can save you both time and labor costs. Highlands Ranch house painters are hired to prep, paint, and move furniture around to ensure clients don’t have to lift a finger. Of course, these extra steps take time. Painting a home before move-in means contractors don’t have to move furniture back and forth after one room is done. Less labor means you’ll be saving more money!

Highlands Ranch Painters

Let’s get your new home move-in ready with a fresh interior painting project. Contact Paint Denver today at 303-800-7575 to schedule a free consultation. We even host virtual meetings to give you a quote. We ensure your new home will be in good hands.


Cherry Hills Village Paint Contractor’s Tips for Your Commercial Painting Projects

The Denver metro area and surrounding neighborhoods are booming with new residents, transplants, and businesses looking to enjoy the fantastic lifestyle our city has to offer. Cherry Hills Village paint contractors have their hands full with the amount of commercial painting projects on our hands. With over 25 years of experience and hundreds or commercial painting projects under our belts, we know a thing or two about how to plan for a large contracting job. Here are some steps to keep your project organized.

Planning for Commercial Painting Projects

Preparation is key with almost any task, but this is especially true with your commercial painting projects. Commercial painting projects must be carefully planned before engaging in the actual act of applying paint.

It is critical to have a design and aesthetic goal in mind for the property itself. A n apartment building that attracts young singles and couples may call for a bright and inviting exterior paint color. In contrast, if your commercial painting project involves seniors in a nursing home or assisted living environment – clean, calm, and inviting colors would be more appropriate. Cherry Hills Village paint contractors will help you in choosing a color upon request, of course.

Planning for Codes and Restrictions

When tackling a commercial painting project, it’s important to be aware of municipal code restrictions. Code specifications vary from one location to another, but it is always wise to know what is allowed in the Cherry Hills Village area to remain compliant.

Projects should reflect pride and workmanship and present in a tasteful manner that appeals to a broad range of customers. Safety is also an issue as it relates to commercial painting. While lead paint is no longer an issue, if you are redesigning an old building, be aware of the laws affecting lead paint removal. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines. Cherry Hills Village paint contractors will likely have experience managing these kinds of regulations, so if you are working with an experienced paint contractor, you’ll be in good hands.

Selecting a Cherry Hills Village Paint Contractor

While researching and selecting Cherry Hills Village paint contractors, be sure to check references and request a review of the type of projects involved with in the past. Look for a consistent work record over time that includes different type of commercial assignments. Moreover, an experienced contractor usually has worked as a subcontractor on major projects at some point during his or her career. This is an excellent way to gain invaluable experience and enhance professional profile by working with major corporations.

Commercial Painting Projects

If you’re tackling a large painting project, it’s best to rely on the pros. Cherry Hills Village paint contractors like Paint Denver will give you a fair quote, guide you through the process, and provide advice and assistance along the way. If you’re interested in a free consultation, give us a call. We’re here for you.


Selling a Home? Here are 3 Eco Friendly Home Improvements to Increase Value

Sustainability and our everyday environmental impact are things that weigh heavily on most people. The decisions we make and strides we take toward sustainable habits can make a big difference. This includes projects related to home improvement. Are you selling a home? Here are four eco friendly home improvements to boost your home’s value.

Installing solar panels

Solar. Natural energy harnessed directly from the sun. Since 2008, thousands of solar panels have popped up across the country as an increasing number of Americans choose to harness the sun’s energy to power their lives. Not only has the cost of installing solar panels continued to decrease with every passing year, but the technology has also gotten better.

Using solar power instead of conventional forms of energy reduces the amount of carbon and other pollutants that are emitted into the environment. Reducing the amount of carbon in our atmosphere translates into less pollution and cleaner air and water.

You will have to pay an upfront cost for installation and materials; however each kilowatt of energy you garner from your solar panels adds about $6,000 to your home’s value. When you think of it like that, they pay for themselves in no time.

Low VOC paint

Painting your home is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give your space a face lift. Using low VOC paints is absolutely crucial these days. Not only are they durable and long-lasting, but they are much less harmful to both you and the environment than other paints.

Besides the obvious benefit of limiting your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals, low VOC paints have many other benefits. Since they have less added chemicals, they produce little to no odor upon application. If you’re looking for a quick turnaround to sell your home, this detail can improve the impression of your home to shoppers. Also, due to their lack of harmful chemicals, they are easier to dispose of and effectively minimize harmful waste going into the environment. They are just as, if not more, durable than their high VOC counterparts, so the choice when it comes to paints is really a no-brainer.

Install new insulation

When you add new insulation to your home, you’ll see the return on your investment in your reduced energy bills. Adding insulation is an affordable way to make your home more eco and more economical. Of course, shoppers love the perk of enjoying brand new features when they purchase a home.

An attic is a great place to start adding new insulation. If you have an attached garage, consider adding insulation to keep heat from escaping from that space too.

Utilizing eco friendly home improvements

Using a few environmentally friendly upgrades, you can reduce your carbon footprint while leaving your mark on the real estate market. Eco Friendly home improvements are good for the planet and your bottom line. If you’re interested in bringing in a team of professionals to help, Paint Denver has you covered. Give us a call or drop us an email to learn more about our low VOC paints and how our contractors can get your space looking ready for the market.


Denver Interiors: Trends to Keep an Eye On

As summer comes to a close, we’re looking into Denver interiors and decor trends that will guide the upcoming season of painting projects. It’s always exciting to see how they day-to-day for paint contractors will change every year. New trends bring new colors and exciting new style choices. Here’s what we’re expecting to see in interior paint for this upcoming season.

Warm Earthy Interior Paint Choices

In 2020, decorating homes with natural tones became a big trend. Even in cities, people want to feel connected to nature in their homes. In 2021, we continue to see interior paint bringing in greens and warm ocean blues.

Olive greens, emerald greens, sage greens, they are everywhere right now. These colors tend to make the interior of a home feel calm, peaceful, and warm, which is a vibe everyone needed a bit more of given the tumultuous landscape of 2020 and 2021. These earthy tones are also easy to pair with natural elements like woods and metals.

Darker Choices for Denver Interiors

Dark paint colors don’t always need to feel foreboding in an interior space. Emerald and slate greys can actually elevate a space if used correctly.

Lately, we’ve been seeing Denver interiors use these colors in tandem with bright gold and florals in décor to enrich a home. Oftentimes we see these color accents in staircases or feature windows to bring an elegant definition to a space. A deep plum or black with a red undertone makes for a warmer and more sophisticated style choice.

Big Bold Red

Shockingly enough, red is making a comeback in 2021. While this shade may feel dramatic and a bit hard to decorate with, it’s experiencing a bit of a renaissance since the maroon boom in the early 2000’s. If you are wary of using primary colors in your home, test out deep dark pinks in some of your décor choices before taking the plunge. However, in our opinion, the bolder the better.

Denver Paint Contractors

Paint Denver can help you take your home from cold & bland to bright & cheery – no remodel necessary. Our team of on and off-site supervisors and will be there to help throughout the entire process. From preparing a free quote to readying your space for painting, we have you covered. Denver interiors are our specialty, be sure to book in advance for your fall and winter projects!


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