Tips For Your Commercial Painting Projects

Preparation is key with almost any task, but this is especially true with your commercial painting projects.  Commercial projects must be carefully planned and thought out before engaging in the actual act of applying paint.

First, it is absolutely critical to have a goal in mind and know who will live in or work within the property itself.  For example, an apartment building that attracts young singles and couples should have warm inviting colors that feel like home.  Combinations that include red, yellow, orange, and brown would all be safe choices to meet this objective.  In contrast, if your commercial painting project involves seniors in a nursing home or assisted living environment – calm and tranquility is the goal.  Research has shown the colors green and blue evoke feelings of calm and relaxation.  Hospitals frequently use green in waiting and delivery rooms.  Restaurants are fond of the color red since it allegedly stimulates appetite.

It is also important to be aware of municipal code restrictions when planning commercial painting projects.  Code specifications vary from one location to another, but it is always wise to know what is allowed in order to remain in compliance.  Projects should reflect pride and workmanship and present in a tasteful manner that appeals to a broad range of customers.  Safety is always an issue of major concern as related to commercial painting. While lead paint is no longer an issue, if you are redesigning an old building, be aware of the laws affecting lead paint removal. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines.

In selecting a contractor, be sure to check references and request a review of the type of projects involved with in the past.  Look for a consistent work record over time that includes different type of commercial assignments.  Moreover, an experienced contractor usually has worked as a subcontractor on major projects at some point during his or her career. This is an excellent way to gain invaluable experience and enhance professional profile by working with major corporations.

When thinking of safety, the painting contractor you choose does not have to possess a perfect record, but a solid respectable work history with references that are iron clad is a must.