Nothing spruces up an office space like a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, trying to coordinate contractors and building lease holders can be trying to say the least. If you are a commercial landowner trying to refresh the paint job on your property, here are a few tips to make your painting project a success.

Tips For A Successful Commercial Painting Project1. Keep everyone informed – The larger the project, the more important it is that everyone involved know the details of what will be happening. Tenants should be informed as soon as possible regarding the dates and times the contractors will be working. If the tenants will be required to move anything or vacate rooms for the project, it is especially important that they be given advance notice.

2. Strive to stagger – If at all possible, try to schedule the painting contractors to come during a time when the building is normally empty. This will allow the painters to work more efficiently, since they won’t have to worry about accommodating for the tenants. This also shows a greater degree of conscientiousness for those working in your building.

3. Be careful about extremes – As you choose your paint colors, try to avoid extremely bright or extremely dark colors. While these may seem alluring on the paint sample, in large quantities, they can become too much. Bright exterior colors may make a statement, but what kind of statement will it continue to make once the novelty has worn off? Neutral tones tend to aid in creating a welcoming atmosphere without going overboard.

4. Avoid drastic color changes – Just as you should avoid extreme dark or bright colors, it is also wise to avoid a drastic change in the color pallet without first discussing it with your tenants.. If your interior coloring is based on a red pallet, changing to a blue color scheme could make decorating difficult/pricey for those in your building.