Think back to the last time you painted a room in your home. What did you focus on most?

Chances are it was choosing the best colors.

The last thing on your mind is the potential danger of the paint that you plan to put on your walls. After all, lead-based paint is out of the picture, so everything should be okay, right?

Well, that depends. Everything will be okay as long as you choose the right paint – the right paint being paint that is low in VOC levels.

Volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs, are the chemicals used in paint to make it solidify. When the paint goes on wet, then dries, the VOCs are released through evaporation. The problem with VOCs is that they are not always eliminated through evaporation. VOCs can continue to enter the air that you breathe inside your home for many years.

VOCs pose a health risk because they are carcinogens. When you breathe in too much of VOC-tainted air, such as when you are painting a room, you will likely develop a headache. If you breathe in VOC-tainted air over an extended period of time, you run the risk of developing health problems, such as allergies and asthma.

The Hazards Of Using VOC PaintTo avoid the risk of VOC-related health problems, you can try an all-natural paint product. The internet is full of homemade paint recipes. However, making these paints is a hassle of its own – and the results may not be long-lasting.

You can also take an easier route and simply pay attention to the label on your paint. Choose a paint that is low in VOCs. Yes, low-VOC paint is going to cost more – but when you compare the price of a gallon of paint to the price of your overall health, there is no comparison.

You can also ask your painting professional what paints he prefers. As a painter, I am in a different home every day of the week. I work with paint several hours a day. Therefore I also care about the quality of paint I use in my business because I know it will impact my health as well as the families I’m painting for. I’ve done the research. I know what choices are best. And I’m happy to share them with you.

The health of your family and yourself are much more important in the long run than saving a few bucks on a bucket of paint. Ask for low VOC the next time your room needs a change.