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Is Painting A DIY Project or One For The Professionals?

Some home projects feel like more of a DIY task. And in many cases, painting is one of those projects. After all, it can’t be that hard, can it? With a bucket of paint and a brush in hand, you can easily do it yourself. Plus its cheaper too, right?

What these DIY homeowners don’t realize is that painting is a project that is both technical and time consuming, and in some cases a lot of hard work.Is Painting A DIY Project or One For The Professionals?

There are a number of problems with taking on painting your home, either inside or out, as a do it yourself project. And at the top of the list is the massive time commitment required to finish the job in a professional way. For most, they try and squeeze it into a weekend project. But this can take several weekends or even months of time, depending on the size of the project. Do you really want to spend every weekend during the summer painting the exterior of your home?

Lack of knowledge is also one of the top things homeowners don’t realize until they are well into the project. For example, you can’t begin painting the outside of your home without a lot of prep work first. Paint over chipped or dirty paint, and your new paint won’t adhere properly to the siding. Or if you paint a water based enamel over a surface previously painted with an oil based enamel, and you’ll quickly see adhesion problems that make your current paint job look anything but professional.

Which leads us to the money aspect of painting. You see the ads in the paper for paint at a reasonable rate. But painting requires a lot more than a bucket of paint and a brush. What about tools for prep work: powerwasher, drop clothes, rollers, caulking and tape? Before long you’ll wind up with a huge array of tools and materials attempting to paint your home – and you haven’t even started the work yet. How much is your time worth? Do you really want to spend all of your free time for the next several weeks or months painting?

And there is another problem we see frequently. After investing in paint, tools, materials and more, something happens and the paint job looks anything but professional. You attempt to fix it; which of course makes it look even worse. So you wind up calling in a professional to fix the project and bring it back up to standards. How much is this going to cost?

Instead of trying to save a little money upfront, get the job done right the first time. You’ll be happier with the results and you can enjoy it in a much shorter period of time. And the results will last you many years into the future.


Planning To Sell In The Spring? Start With A Professional Paint Job Now

You’ve read all the books that tell you the best time to sell your home is in the spring. And with spring just around the corner, you might be planning just such a move.

You probably know that now is the time to start your planning process. Because once you meet with your agent, things will happen quickly. And before you know it you’ll be out of your old home and into a new one.Planning To Sell In The Spring? Start With A Professional Paint Job Now

But before you call in the realtor, its time to complete a few long overdue projects first. One of them being a professional paint job. The simple fact is a fresh interior paint job is one of the simplest, most effective ways of livening up your home, and creating the ambiance of everything being brand new.

Sounds like the perfect things for your home? Here are a few tips to help you complete the project in a timely manner.

Why Interior Wall Color Is Important

Start by reducing clutter. A great realtor will share with you an easy secret to selling your home quickly: staging. The purpose of staging is to allow a potential home buyer the opportunity to see themselves in your home, instead of wandering through seeing the current occupants instead. Buy a box or two and take on a different room in your home each day. Pack up anything personal – those family photographs and nicknacks from the beach are a great place to start. They have to be packed up anyway, so this is a great way to get a jumpstart on the process.

Think show home. If you’ve ever gone through model homes to either find a home or to gain new ideas for your own, you know how the professionals approach décor. Modern, clean design, with just a touch of trendiness does the trick every time. Everything should be clean and fresh so a potential buyer will see nothing standing in his or her way of contract and moving in.

The paint. Remember when you moved in that new television … and scraped the side of the wall as you moved in the stand? Those scraps, dings and minor damage add up over time. And that bright purple bedroom your teenage daughter had to have might not be the perfect color for a new owner. Think neutral. Think clean. Think bright and inviting. Then call in your professional painter to perform miracles and liven and freshen up every room in your home. With the perfect color that’s not too white, with just a touch of brightness that makes the new homeowner say “yes”.

Contact us about your Denver Interior House Painting ideas today.


What Makes A Paint Job Great?

A great paint job is about so much more than dipping a brush in paint. Time, patience, and dedication are all necessary in a great paint job, and this is true for both interior and exterior jobs. When done properly, a great paint job can add incredible value to your home. Plus, it can last up to a decade when the proper tools and techniques are used.What Makes A Paint Job Great?

So what else makes a paint job great? Here are some attributes:

The use of premium paint- The basic rule when it comes to paint? You get what you pay for. Cheaper paint has less opacity, so more coats are necessary. Spending extra money on premium, quality paint will mean better adherence to surfaces, and it will also look better and last longer.

The hiring of a great professional painter- If you’re not doing to the painting yourself, it’s key to hire a professional painting company who has the ability to complete the job from start to finish. They should focus their energy on the proper preparation as well as execution of the paint job.

The application is consistent- A quality paint job entails the right application of good paint. The right painting system from a company will result in consistently great paint jobs.

Proper cover-ups are used- Because paint splatters, it’s important that furniture, floors, and other surfaces are properly covered. A quality painting company will use lots of drop sheets and painter’s tape to ensure that work areas are covered.

The use of quality painting tools- If you want great painting results, you need to use the proper tools. The project can be completed in the best way with the right painting tools such as brushes. Again, you get what you pay for when it comes to quality paint and tools!


How To Steps For Painting Any Room In Your Home

They make it look so easy on television, don’t they? They sit around contemplating colors. Then before you know it, they’re off the the home improvement store to buy a bucket of paint. Back home, they slap on a little paint … How To Steps For Painting Any Room In Your Homeand magic happens! Their room is now a beautiful color with décor that looks straight out of Better Homes and Gardens.

While we know it looks easy on television, in reality we all know its not quite that easy.

Painting a room takes time, effort and a lot of energy. Yes, it can be accomplished in a variety of steps.

Dig Deeper – When You Should Use a Paint Primer?

Step 1 Select your color palette

Yes, this can be one of the trickiest parts of the process. How do you know what will look good? Will it be to dark/bright/colorful/overwhelming/light/obnoxious? Only you can be the judge of that. In reality, anything goes. And with thousands of paint colors to choose from, let your personality be your guide.

Step 2 Choose a paint finish

Every room will perform better with a different paint finish. Flat or matte finishes are perfect for master suites or guest rooms, while satin finishes are a good choice for high traffic rooms like the bathroom or the kitchen.

Step 3 Planning

How large of a room will you be painting? How many color choices will you use? Be realistic in how long the job will take. Nothing can make you more frantic than painting a room with the thought of hosting a dinner party that evening, only to find yourself still working at 4 pm.

Step 4 Clear the room

Before you begin, its best to clear the room out as much as possible. This doesn’t have to occur the day of the painting project. A day or two before hand, begin boxing up or moving light weight furniture to other rooms. Move large objects to the middle of the room and fully cover them with drop clothes.

Step 5 Protect floors and woodwork

That bright red paint will look beautiful on your walls … not on your trim board of white carpets. Invest in quality drop cloths and painters tap to fully protect everything that won’t be painted.

Step 6 Prep walls

Nope, a paint job doesn’t mean slapping on new paint onto existing walls. Are there nail holes that should be filled? What about wall damage? Is the paint chipping or pealing? Before you paint them, make sure they are in the best condition for receiving paint.

Step 7 Clean and dry surfaces

You know that sticky hairspray that’s been building up on your bathroom walls? Nope, paint won’t cover it, nor will it adhere to it in a perfect manner. When your walls are dirty or sticky or grimy, cleaning them first is the only way to make sure you get a top notch paint job.

Step 8 Paint

Painting your walls is the first step. Then paint the ceiling and trim board is so desired. This allows you to have a clean look and clear up any mistakes you made along the way.

Step 9 Clean

More painting to do later? You don’t have to clean your brushes and rollers if you’ll be starting in again in the morning. Instead, wrap them in sealed plastic to stay moist until morning. Once you’re finished clean up and store for future use.

Step 10 Enjoy

Once your project is finished, you can sit back and enjoy your work.

Sounds like a lot of work, right?

Why not let a professional painter do the work for you? Then you can skip to Step 10 and begin enjoying the results immediately!

Contact us about your Denver Interior House Painting ideas today.