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Paint Your Rooms and Change The Energy

Here in Colorado, waking up to sunshine and blue sky fills you with energy. And on the rare occasion we have a cool, dark, rainy day, nothing feels better than snuggling under a blanket for a little while longer.

Color fills you with energy. The warm yellow sun and blue sky makes you want to run and jump, heading out to enjoy the day. Dark smoky blues and grays fill you more with an internal energy, ready to take things a bit slower.

And while it holds true with the colors we readily face in nature, it also holds true for the colors you wake up to every morning.Paint Your Rooms and Change The Energy

Color can be in abundance, painted on every wall in a room. Or color can be accented and highlighted in a way that makes it burst through in subtle detail.

If you’re ready for a change, color may be the perfect way to bring it to life. And give you the energy to take on new tasks you’ve put on hold from the months and years before. Here’s what color can do for you.

Orange is the perfect color when you’re ready to feel younger. Orange allows you to express yourself with confidence, filling your home with laughter and celebration.

A deep blue will encourage efficiency throughout your room. Blues purify your thinking process so you can cut through the clutter and discover what is most important. If you have to make a big decision, deep blue will bring out the decision maker in you.

A light blue promotes tranquility, and bring peace and harmony to relationships and situations as they occur. Light blue reduces aggressiveness, so it’s a good color to surround yourself in if you deal with a lot of stress.

Dig Deeper – How To Choose Color With Paint Samples

Green increases wealth. It’s the color of fresh starts and of growth. If you’re ready to manifest something new in your life, add richness with the color green.

A light purple brings out your spiritual side. Purple encourages a fresh perspective on your emotional side, and will remind you of all you are connected to in your life.

A bright red will stimulate you. It promotes courage and fearlessness, and is a color associated with high self confidence. Red is good in moderation, but too much can leave you agitated and overly excited.

Yellow increases your focus. Its noted for enhancing your intelligence and can help stimulate clarity and conversation.

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Interior Painting 101: What Men Like

When it comes to interior painting, not everyone is the same. That’s why you’ll find hues in every color range, with thousands of options available.

But what works for the kitchen may not be the best choice for a baby’s room. And what works for a woman might not be the top choice for a man.

Interior Painting 101: What Men LikeYet when you are painting a room in your family home, how can you make it appealing to every member of the family?

The answer: there are no hard fast rules about what colors are masculine or feminine. What appeals to a woman may or may not appeal to a man. And vice versa. But luckily within every color there are many, many options of hues and tones. If blue is a shade you can both agree upon, you’ll have many choices, from a pale sky blue to a rich royal blue and beyond.

If you are trying to choose a color and you want the man in your life to love it as well, here are a few thoughts for you.

Why Interior Wall Color Is Important

Men like blue.

Consistently, the color blue is in the top color choice of men. Blue provides a calming effect. Different shades of blue can evoke authority, intelligence and stability. It may be that throughout history, women find men attractive whether they where a blue uniform or a blue business suit. Whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong with the color blue.

When you look to color choices, you’ll find shades of blue with many appeals: azure, baby blue, cobalt, cornflower blue, indigo, midnight blue, navy, robins egg blue, royal, sapphire, slate and steel blue.

Men like green.

Coming in as number two, green follows blue in popularity. Green signifies restfulness, coolness, growth, renewal, as well as balance and stability. While women typically favor the cooler, softer shades of green, men prefer the brighter shades.

For a man’s choice in shades of green, think: apple, chartreuse, emerald, fir, forest, jade, kelly green, leaf green, moss, olive, pine, sage and seafoam.

Men like black.

There’s always something about black – both men and women agree it adds elegance. While you may not consider painting every wall in your home with a dark and forceful color such as black, in limits it can be used to accent in just about any room in your home.

Think coal, charcoal, ebony, ink, midnight, onyx or raven.

Remember, paint is a personal choice. Get everyone in the family involved in selecting the perfect color for your room.


Interior Painting 101: What Women Like

Time to paint a room in your home? If you have a family, how you approach the color on your walls may differ. Color studies show that men and women differ in the colors they enjoy the most. Some of these differences may be attributed to our own cultural use of color and how we condition each sex to respond to certain colors.

Interior Painting 101: What Women LikeHowever, no matter what the studies show, there are ways to appeal to both sexes – and give your interior walls a color you can all live with for many years into the future.

Remember, color comes in many shades, tints and tones. Decide on a basic color first, then focus in on a shade that will appeal to you both.

The top color choice for both women and men is the color blue. It may be the calming effect that the color blue evokes. It may be the strength and stability it suggests. If blue is the color choice for your new interior walls, focus in on finding a color tone that appeals to you both. Look towards azure, baby blue, cobalt, cornflower blue, cyan, indigo, midnight blue, robin’s egg blue, or even sapphire.

Dig Deeper – What You Should Know Before Changing Colors On A Wall

Next in line is the color green. Think nature. Think environment. After all Mother Nature is green, and she knows best. Green signifies rest, renewal, health, growth. It’s the perfect color for every room in your home. And with so many color choices available, its easy to see why more families turn to green when painting the walls of their homes. Try out apple, chartreuse, emerald, fir, forest, jade, lawn green, lime, moss, pine, sage or seafoam.

Because women prefer the cool tones of color (when compared to men) its no surprise that women also prefer the color turquoise, which has tones of blue and green combined. When choosing colors for rooms predominantly occupied by women, turquoise can be an excellent option. Think aqua, aquamarine, blue-green, teal, and ultramarine.

And finally we’re into shades of purple, which is associated with royalty. Its mysterious, spiritual, and even a little romantic. Women love its femininity, and can move to all shades, from light to dark, lavender to plum, and everything in between.

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Classic Color Combinations When Painting Your Rooms

Looking for a project to improve the look and feel of one of your rooms? Look no further than the color on your walls.

Classic Color Combinations When Painting Your RoomsOne of the easiest ways to change a rooms look and feel is also one of easiest to do. Choose a paint color for your walls. Add a few new accessories that make the color pop, and you’ll fall in love with your home all over again.

Sounds easy enough. But have you ever looked at the number of color options available to you? Where do you start? What do you choose?

As a professional painter, my job is more than handling a roller and a brush. One of the things I enjoy most is helping a homeowner select the right color for the room … then seeing the final results and enjoying the reactions.

For some people, they change paint on the walls almost as frequently as they do the wardrobe in their closets. For others, painting is a big job and not one they want to repeat for a long, long time. For those people, I always recommend sticking with classic color combinations that will truly stand the test of time.

Black and White

What can be more sophisticated that the classic look of black and white? Keep the walls a simple yet elegant shade of white. Add furniture in shades of white. Then let the black come in to play with curtains, flooring and accessories. You can even change out “pops” of color – such as red pillows – for a very quick change according to seasons or even moods.

Red and Gold

Have you ever visited a true Renaissance or Victorian home that has kept with the time period? You’ll find red and gold throughout. Red has always been a favorite for rooms like the dining room where guests gather and relax for hours at a time. In the past, red could evoke the feeling of warmth – something necessary when central heating didn’t exist. But the look has held and carried on to today.

Robins Egg Blue, Yellow and Cream

Think French countryside. You’ll find these colors if you visit historic sites throughout France, which dates back to the times of Louis XI and Louis XIV. You’ll even find these colors as a staple in many top brands today – Tiffany’s and Martha Stewart have always graced these colors over the years. It’s a classic look that will bring peace and tranquility to your bedrooms.

Green and Yellow

What could be better than bringing the outdoors in to your home? That’s why greens and yellows continue to work together and will always provide a classic look. Try yellow walls and accents in green … a green plant, green furniture, or green draperies are the perfect complement. And if nature tells us these colors work well together, who are we to argue? Use them and feel a sense of harmony whenever you enter your room.