Its almost that time of year. The days are getting longer. The warmer days are mixed in with the cold, snowy ones. Soon we’ll back to enjoying what we love most about Colorado – being outside as much as possible.

With the warmer weather means preparing the outside so we can enjoy a fun-filled spring, summer and fall. That means getting into the garden, pulling out the outdoor furniture, and making sure everything outside is in top shape. The sooner we complete our spring maintenance projects, the quicker we can start enjoying everything.Spring Maintenance: What Exterior Painting Can Do

Where should you begin? What can you do to save time, money and energy in your strategy? The easiest place to start looking may be at your home itself. A lot of maintenance projects can be accomplished simply by looking at the condition of your paint; it can tell you a lot of things, and point you in the direction of what to do next.

Start at the top

A damaged roof will start showing signs quickly. Asphalt may peal off and begin to accumulate on the eaves or siding. If you notice grit or dirt with asphalt mixed in around the base of your home or attached to your siding, head up to the roof and take a quick look around. The sooner you get it fixed, the less damage you will sustain.

How Long Does An Exterior Paint Job Last?

Look for water stains

A gutter that isn’t working properly will quickly leave clues. You may find build up that causes a drain system to work incorrectly, causing stains or spots to accumulate either on your trim or where the water drains. Before mold and mildew set in, clean up and blockages, and look for ways to prevent blocks in the future.

What your landscaping may say

You know that bush you’ve been meaning to trim … for years? It may finally have overgrown a little too much, scraping and digging into the side of your home. Landscaping is designed to protect your home. But branches, twigs and other debris can harm your paint, and ultimately your siding if its too close for too long.

Look inside on exterior walls

Paint is designed to protect the siding, which ultimately protects all of the internal parts that make your house a home. If siding is exposed, it can penetrate and impact your structure, your insulation, even your interior wall boards. Take a quick look around at all the exterior walls inside your home. Do you see signs of damage – little spots or stains that weren’t there before? Water can travel long paths before it shows itself, so its important to find its origination point as quickly as possible.

Then schedule your exterior painting project now. Professional painters here in Colorado fill up fast for the warm spring, summer and fall months. A fresh coat of paint will help fix existing problems that have occurred over the winter, protect your home in the coming months and years, and even help you find small issues you didn’t even know existed. If its been more than a few years since your last painting project, don’t delay. Now is the time to schedule your exterior painting job, and improve your home today.