When you think about house paint, chances are you think about the colors. Painting can be a lot of fun when you’re making a change to either the interior or exterior of your home.

Recycling Leftover PaintBut with the painting process comes the other side as well – the disposal side. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that every homeowner in America has 3 to 4 gallons of leftover paints in their garages or basements. And at least 10 percent of those unused gallons of paint will end up in the landfill. Combine that with the more than 1 billion gallons of paint sold each year – of which around 15 percent will end up in the landfills – and you have a lot of unused paint.

Why Interior Wall Color Is Important

That leads to startling facts. Did you one gallon of improperly disposed paint has the ability to pollute up to 250,000 gallons of drinking water? And simply by recycling one gallon of leftover paint, you could save up to 13 gallons of water?

Instead of throwing away your leftover paint, look for recycling centers that will take back your used paints. These paints are sent to recycling centers all across the US – Amazon Environmental, Visions Paint Recycling and Williams Paint Recycling Company to name just a few.

Once there, the highest quality of latex paint will be sorted out and turned back int recycled paint that can be used all over again. Since it was high quality to begin with and maintains its quality throughout the recycling process, it is comparable to any paint you can buy on the market today. Reusable paints are pumped into a tank where the material is mixed and tested. Then it is adjusted with additives and colorants to give it its new uniform color. Finally the paint is filtered and packaged for sale.

If the paint is determined to be unusable for turning back into paint, it can still be used for environmentally friendly uses. For instance it can be made into a product that is used in cement manufacturing, meaning we can turn virtually 100 percent of all recycled paints back into a usable product.

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