So you’ve decided to give your garage floor a new, clean look and feel? More and more homeowners are opting for making their garage look a little better, and the easiest place to start is with the floors.

But if you believe some do it yourselfers, its as easy as applying a quick coat of paint – and voila, a great looking garage floor will be yours.

Not so fast.

Prepping The Garage Floor – Why Its Not As Easy As Painting ItYour garage floor isn’t like the walls in your living room. A simple coat of paint won’t do the trick. Paint it the wrong way and you’ll quickly find a floor with chips and smudges, one that won’t withstand the elements of our Colorado winters and summers, or even a floor that becomes slicker every time a little water is spilled.

Before a garage floor is ever finished, a professional installer knows the prep work is the most important part. There are three parts to the prep work – having access to the right tools, completing the job thoroughly, and removing dust and debris before the final paint is applied.

Unless a garage floor is brand new, it will invariably have things that need to corrected before application. Cracks, stains, oil, moisture problems – all of these and more an cause your final product to not adhere properly, and therefore cause your final results to be anything but perfect. Since the last thing you want is a garage floor that immediately shows wear and tear, its best to start at the bottom in the right way.

Diamond grinding is one of the easiest ways to complete the process and have your garage floor in the best shape possible before final application. A series of diamond coated blades are attached to a buffing wheel, which then abrades the surface of the concrete, providing a proper surface that will be easily adhered to. Its also important that all paint, epoxy, oils and stains are removed from the surface. And finally, a thorough cleaning to make sure all dust is removed from cracks and corners, to ensure a complete seal when the final product is installed.

Because most homeowners simply don’t have the tools to perform all tasks, its easier to have a professional help you from the beginning. You won’t be relying on rental equipment that may have been damaged from a previous rental, and you’ll ensure that every surface is prepped and ready to be the best it can be.

Add in the huge amount of time savings you’ll see by not doing it yourself, and its easy to see why more people are relying on professionals to give their garage the best look possible.

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