Painting your home, whether on the interior or the exterior, is a great way to give your home a fresh, new look. However, painting your home involves more than just choosing a color palette, grabbing a brush, and getting started. Is There Really A Difference in Paint Quality?You need to choose the right quality of paint for your home. There is a difference in the quality of different paints, so choose wisely and keep the following in mind.

  • Price does matter. You can expect to spend more for the higher quality paints, so budget accordingly.
  • The type of paint you choose depends on your personal situation. For instance, if you have a large family, you will want a higher quality paint that can withstand lots of wear and cleaning. Matte finishes are ideal for families with small children because they are easy to clean. Bathrooms and kitchens should have a higher quality paint due to the moisture exposure and other environmental factors.
  • Pay attention to the pigment percentage of paint. About 45 percent is thought to be the ideal amount of pigmentation – too much more, and you face the chance of blistering; too much lower, and you face the risk of poor uniformity in color.
  • A higher percentage of solids is another important factor in paint quality. The more solids you have in the paint, the less liquid you have – and the more paint there will be on your walls.
  • Choose finishes that complement the room. Flat paints hide defects better, but gloss paints are easier to clean and more resistant to dirt. Consider the room and what its primary purpose is when choosing a finish.

Knowing what to look for in quality paint will ensure that you choose the right paint for your home. Your home is an investment, so do not be afraid of investing in the paint you use on your home.