Sometimes, painting projects can involve less paint than you thought, especially when it comes to smaller projects. And then you’re stuck with extra cans of house paint.

How To Store Extra House Paint So It Lasts IndefinitelyOr maybe you have a can of extra paint for those “just in case” moments where you scratch or scuff the walls. This can be especially important if you have a darker color that shows wear easily.

Yet invariably you’ve had extra cans of paint before, only to discover a few months down the road that they are completely unusable. How can you change that? How can you save extra house paint so it lasts indefinitely?

Here’s how to correctly store house paint so that the quality remains the same:

  • First, make sure any paint drippings are wiped clean from the rim of the can. Use a damp rag to wipe the paint off and then another rag to wipe it dry.
  • Secondly, seal the lid. Put the lid on top and put a block of wood or small rock on the rim of the lid. Tap it with a hammer and firmly seal the lid all the way around.
  • Put the paint can on a tray, and leave it upside down to ensure than air does not leak inside the lid of the paint can, which will dry out the paint.
  • Label the paint can, and include the room that you used it in as well as the date.
  • Store the paint can indoors in a place that is dry and doesn’t experience freezing or extremely hot temperatures. An attic or basement is a good storage location if the temperature is right.

When you decide to use the stored paint, be sure to stir it thoroughly as it can separate while it’s being stored. When properly stored, extra house paint can be usable for many years. They key is to not let the paint get dried out.