You have the color picked out and the décor sitting by ready to add into your new room. Now all you need is the finished project – and an interior paint job that says wow.

The results of a properly painted interior paint job are incredibly rewarding, giving you satisfaction as you show off your new room to family and friends.

How To Prepare For An Interior Paint JobBut first you have to get through the pain job. Where do you begin?

Once you hire a professional painter, they will take care of the project from beginning to end. You pick out the color; the painting team will do the rest. But there are a few things you can do in order to prepare.

Why Interior Wall Color Is Important

Start by putting away small items that are easily lost in the shuffle, or can fall out from under painting tarps and be exposed to the elements during the process. This included remotes, trinkets, small valuables, frames and other collectibles you have sitting on shelves and tables.

While we will carefully cover any large furniture left in the room, if its small and light, it may be better moved into another room. The easier it is to move around during the paint job, the quicker we can get your room back to its normal condition.

Any wall hangings, large frames, mirrors, televisions, or other items bolted to the walls will have to come down. Remove them before the big day and move them safely to another room. Don’t worry about the scuffs or nail holes left behind. A professional paint team knows it will spend the first part of the job prepping walls to make sure the final outcome is perfect.

Remember, every inch of the room being painted must have the surrounding area covered and protected during the process. In some cases the walls will be sanded, which causes dust and debris. We don’t want to leave behind a mess after the project, so if its in the area, it will be protected and covered. Floors – including hardwoods, carpets and rugs – must all be covered with heavy drop cloths to protect it from potential accidents. Ceilings must be taped to prevent marks and accidental paint being left behind. Even electrical plates and hardware will be removed to protect it from paint residue.

All to ensure that when your room is finally put back together, you have the professional interior paint job you were looking for. And can enjoy for years to come.

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