How To Choose Exterior Paint Schemes

Painting the exterior of your home can be a costly investment.  As a result, it is something you want to get right the first time.  So, when trial and error are out, what methods can you use to help you choose the paint schemes for the exterior of your home?

Consider the context:

Peruse your neighborhood – Your largest context is your neighborhood.  We have all seen that one house that sticks out like a sore thumb.  For peace and harmony throughout the neighborhood, you don’t want to go there.  As you are considering your color options, consider what your neighbors have done.  Are the colors on your block primarily toned down and understated or bold and daring?

Take a look at your lawn – Your more immediate context of course is your own lawn.  How have you chosen to landscape?  Do you have bright flowers in a front garden?  Is your yard dominated by shade trees?  The best color scheme for your home will complement the work you have already done in your yard.

Pay attention to the un-paintable – There are portions of your home that will not be painted.  Brick, stone, roofing materials and the like are colors already present in your scheme.  As you choose paint colors, be sure to harmonize with the pallet already present on your home.

Consider the desired result:

Lighter looks larger – Lighter colors tend to make objects or spaces appear larger than they are.  If you want your home to appear larger than life, you might want to consider a lighter color pallet.

Darker is dramatic – If your main concern is drama, go for the dark.  Darker shades present a greater contrast and grab the attention more.  Just be careful that your home doesn’t become a place of too much drama.

Multiples are a must – Painting with a single color will make your home look flat and uninteresting.  When you have your primary colors chosen, be sure to pick a few accent colors to highlight key areas of your home.