Once upon a time there was a homeowner that needed some maintenance work done on his home. The outside siding looked shabby and worn; a new paint job would surely make the home look better. Inside it had been years since paint colors were upgraded – the orange glow from the bathroom walls was anything but pleasing.How A Quality Paint Job Will Save You Money

But this homeowner had an aversion to spending money, and always looked for the best deals and the cheapest prices around. So when it came to hiring a professional painting company to do the work, after many, many phone calls and search results, he found a tiny painting company that would do the job for cheap.

The painting company consisted of one man, who spent days at his house painting over the old coats of paint. In no time he was through, collected his fee, and left for good. That’s when the trouble began.

Within a few weeks time, the homeowner began to notice problems.

  • The paint on the outside siding was already chipping and cracking.
  • The paint on the inside was fading … the brilliant orange was seeping through.

A quick phone call to the painting company yielded him a message he didn’t want to hear … the number you have reached has been disconnected.

How Long Does An Exterior Paint Job Last?

Unfortunately, stories like this one happen all too frequently.

When a painting company quotes a low price – sometimes an absurdly low fee – there is a reason.

  • They may not provide you with the prep work that will make your paint job last for years.
  • They may not use quality paints that will provide full coverage without risks of cracking or fading.
  • They may not have the expertise to look at the situation and provide all prep work and painting techniques needed for full coverage, quality work.

When it comes to hiring a professional painting company, make sure you trust they will stand behind their work every time, and provide you with quality that will last years into the future.