What is one of your biggest concerns and costs when it comes to your home? Chances are its keeping the warm air inside in the winter, and the cold air inside in the summer.

Every year those energy bills come in and inch upward, causing you to spend more and more of your paycheck just to heat and cool your home. So when its time to make updates to your home and improve your home’s efficiency, its natural to want to go “green” or find top quality products that will end up saving you in the long run.

How A Painter Can Help You Insulate Your HomeWhen people think of lowering energy bills, they typically will look into replacing windows and doors, or upgrade their heating and cooling system with something more efficient. But there is another way – something that few home owners may have considered. Thermal reflective coatings.

Many homes and buildings built throughout the Denver Metro area contain little or inappropriate insulation. Which means when you’re heating or cooling your home, some of it seeps through the walls, cracks and joints of your home, causing you to continue to turn on the heat/air again and again to maintain an appropriate temperature.

That’s where thermal reflective coatings come into play. This paint like coating has a technology, that when painted on and cured, prevents heat and cold from moving through it. Which means with a simple paint-like process, your home could be warmer almost immediately.

The process isn’t complex – its simply spray painted on. It can adhere to a variety of materials and surfaces – from water heaters and roofing. In most cases it doesn’t need a lot of prep work, primers or surface preparation. And it provides full coverage and sealant on lead containing paint, and can even provide you with a mold resistant barrier.

All while making your home a more efficient place to live.

Give us a call today and discuss how this process can help you conserve energy and save money on your energy bills.