The art of Feng shui involves balancing shapes, colors, textures, and placement of items to create the perfect balance for the flow of positive energy. If your Feng shui is off, you will encourage negative energy, which is believed to have an impact on your health and good fortune.Feng Shui and Professional Painting – What Colors Are Best?

When decorating your home, keeping Feng shui in mind will ensure that your home encourages health and good fortune. Here are some painting tips to keep in mind to keep the positive energy flowing within your home.

  • Yellow is considered to be a fire or earth element. It is a sunny, happy color that works well in various rooms. Yellow in the kitchen is warm and welcoming. In the office, it is ideal for motivation and cheerfulness.
  • Red is, of course, a color of passion and romance, a fire element. It works well in personal rooms, such as the bedroom. Use common sense when painting with red to avoid overkill; instead, use it to accentuate your existing color palette.
  • Green is a color that encourages growth and health, a wood element. It, too, works well in various rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Play around with various shades of green to encourage its natural healing energies.
  • Blue is a calming, peaceful color, a water element. It encourages a tranquil energy, a soothing energy, making it a good choice for bedrooms, offices, and living spaces.
  • Purple is a fire element, a rich, vibrant color that is considered to be high in vibrations. Feng shui experts advise using purple with care. Rather than draping a room in purple, use it as an accent to create the flow of energy you want. Purple accents work well in meditative locations.
  • Pink is another fire element, and it is the color of love. It is natural soothing; a gentle, delicate color that works well in almost any room of your home.