Don’t Forget Your Ceiling When Painting a Room

The ceiling is often referred to as the forgotten “fifth wall” of a room.  Ceilings should never be overlooked when painting, as they can provide color and character for rooms. While you can opt for white ceilings, consider adding some bold color to attract attention and add personality to your room.

White ceilings

White is traditionally considering the “right” color for ceilings. Many people prefer a white ceiling to offset walls with bold color. This makes the ceiling feel higher and the walls’ color sharper. White ceilings also create an expansion of space when paired with pale-colored walls.  In order to avoid a hospital look, choose a cool or warm shade of white to give a definitive line from painted walls. Use a high-gloss paint to reflect light, and consider adding texture such as wainscot or popcorn styles.

Ceilings with color

Color on a ceiling enhances a room’s character and offers eye-pleasing contrasts. You should consider the following when choosing ceiling colors:

Dark ceilings feel and look lower, while lighter colored ceilings feel higher.

Paints with high-sheen should be applied to ceilings in almost perfect condition since the sheen can make surface flaws stand out.

Consider the light source in the room, as it can work with or against the ceiling color.

If your ceilings are above nine feet, choose a color that is one shade darker than the wall color to invoke a cozy feeling n the room.

Ceiling enhancements

Carpentry additions such as basecap molding on the ceiling and molding below the crown can add even more depth, create focal points and highlight accents such as a chandelier. You can change the look of a room with the addition of molding and architectural add-ons. For instance, to create a European look, choose a pale blue color for the ceiling and a glossy white molding.

Whether you opt for plain white or bold colored ceilings, give the “fifth walls” in your home character. Keep ceiling treatments simple so that you can live with your choices for years to come without growing tired of them.