Think you hire a professional interior paint company just to paint the walls of your home? Think again. Before we ever roll on that first coat of paint, there is something far more important to do first: choose a color.

Connecting With Color: House Paint Color Trends For 2014Sounds easy enough, right? You probably already have a color in mind; how hard can it be? You simply let your painter know the color and they will handle the rest.

Not so fast. If you would like a yellow kitchen, you literally have dozens upon dozens of yellows you can choose from. Do you want a lemony yellow? Or one that’s more buttercream in color? Big difference.

Not only do colors change and offer you a wide spectrum of the color palette, it also varies based on season and year. For instance, did you know top design firms release their color palettes of the year every single year? That’s why you’ll see trends change when you shop at your favorite stores and see everything from clothing to home furnishings in different shades of color.

For 2014, the trends are turning back to the basics. More than ever, people are looking for ways to save, which means they are crafting their own furniture or repurposing things already in use throughout their homes. They aren’t thinking “how can I change this for this year;” instead they are thinking “how can I upgrade this and make it last.” And with that question, it comes down to choosing a more fluid color palette in basic colors that never grow tiresome.

Color trends typically stick with things you’ll find readily in nature. When you can describe it to someone in a way that makes sense, it stands the test of time.

If I say seaside, what do you think of? Surf and sand. Cool colors that soothe the senses. Typically you’ll find ocean blues, sandy beiges, seafoam grays, and mossy greens. Even with these color descriptions, you’re already starting to get a picture in your mind of what they will look like on your walls, right? That’s what makes them classic.

Urban choices are also big as people move from the suburbs back into the city. Urban living is home craftsman meets industrial décor. Think deep browns, grays, and inviting shades of red. Nothing too intense; instead, everything blends naturally to put the accent where it belongs – in most cases on the view from that 10th floor condo.

For some people, the art of formal living never goes out of style. They prefer rooms that invoke a feminine or masculine mystic, and take color to a rich jewel-tone heritage. Deep greens, blues, golds and reds will always create an elaborate feeling fit for a king (or queen as the case may be).

Still others love bringing the outside indoors. Especially here in Colorado, nature rules. And when you spend so much time outdoors, why not bring that feeling in so you can live with nature 24/7? Aspen yellows, pine greens, sky blues and mountain browns are all a welcome and soothing way to add color that will always feel like its meant to be.