Choosing Paint Colors to Help Sell Your HomeFirst impressions are everything, especially when it comes to selling your home. Staging is an important part of creating a first impression that will wow potential home buyers and entice them to buy your property. Part of prepping your home for staging is painting it with the right colors to sell. While paint is fairly simple to change and apply, many homeowners don’t know where to begin when it comes to color.

The paint on the exterior and interior of your home should be up-to-date and attractive, with fresh appeal that is livable and inviting. You can achieve this with the following tips:

Exterior colors

When picking an exterior color, remember to consider the type of house. The color you choose should coordinate with other features of your home, taking into account details such as the stonework, bricks and roof. Earth tones are always a great choice, and be careful to select colors that blend in with your neighborhood. Beige, light gray or blue are good exterior colors that work well.

Interior colors

The living room is where you can be slightly creative with olives, browns and reds to create a warm look and feel. Yellow is a cheery option for the kitchen while cool blues with brown accents look lovely in bedrooms. Cool grays and blues turn a bathroom into a luxurious spa retreat.

Painting don’ts

  • Don’t experiment. Now is not the time to make a fashion statement with the look of your house. You are going for a clean, fresh and inviting look to make potential buyers want to live there.
  • Avoid using white. While white is a great accent color, it is a harsh color for the exterior and interior walls. It creates a cold feel that you want to avoid. Instead, opt for warmer, neutral colors that are more inviting.
  • Stay away from darker colors. Deep reds, browns, yellows and blues make bathroom walls leap toward a viewer. This makes the room look extremely small.
  • Don’t forget the patio and garage! If you choose not to paint them, at least make sure that they are power washed to match the fresh new painted look of your home.

The right paint color and placement of color can make a huge difference when you are selling your home. It can increase your price and make your home look more high-end.