If you are looking for a way to spruce up your interior walls, you may be thinking about a fresh coat of paint. Go one step further with your new paint job and add some texture to your walls!

Texture is a great way to spice up a paint job and give your home a fresh, new look. Texture does not necessarily have to be a part of the wall – there are various ways you can bring texture and dimension to a room. Change Your Interior By Starting With Wall TextureHere are some tips to help you choose the perfect texture for your home.

  • Add a physical texture to your walls. Be bold and brave in your choices. You can purchase textured wall panels, or you can create your own texture with some drywall mud. The point is to add something to your walls to give them dimension and break up the monotony of a smooth wall.
  • You can also add the idea of texture without actually adding any texture. You can do this through various faux finishes. These types of finishes create the illusion of texture through various shades of color and blending of colors.
  • You can add texture to your walls by getting in touch with your inner artist. Instead of just painting a wall one color, paint it to look like artwork. You do not have to paint the entire wall – a border of bold, bright flowers will make your room pop! If you are not handy with a brush, you can buy wallpaper that is designed to look like artwork.
  • Consider having a fabric wall for added texture and appeal. Instead of painting a wall, cover it with fabric in your favorite color or patterns. The result will be a wall that has depth and dimension – a wall that is a beautiful focal point and makes the room spectacular.

Why Interior Wall Color Is Important

Have questions? Start with your local painting contractor. He can provide you with a wealth of information on how to change your walls and make them uniquely your own.

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