March is National Color Therapy Month – so it is time to celebrate the colors in your life!

Color therapy is the practice of using color for healing purposes. Color is believed to have a vibration power that aides in its natural healing powers. Different colors evoke different vibrations and feelings. For example, you might decide to wear a bright, yellow shirt because you are in a happy mood, and you want to express your warmth and joy for the world to see.Celebrating National Color Therapy Month – Start Inside Your Home

Here are some ways you can celebrate National Color Therapy Month inside your home to create a fresh, new, invigorating look.

  • Green is nature’s color; it is a color that makes us feel rejuvenated and fresh. Its therapeutic properties include invoking feelings of tranquility and relieving anxiety. You can freshen your home’s interior by using various shades of greens in rooms where you want to relax and restore your energies, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • When you think about red, you think about passion. Red is an exciting, passionate color, full of heat and energy. Use this color with care within your home to avoid overpowering other colors. Red is a great accent color to add sparks of energy to any space.
  • Yellow is a happy, warm, and welcoming color. It is perfect for spaces where you want guests to feel comfortable and inspired, such as kitchens and family rooms.
  • Orange is another stimulating color, one meant to bring out creativity. It is a strong color, one that is meant to be enduring and timeless. Use this color in rooms where you need an extra shot of motivation, such as a home office or as an accent color in your kitchen.
  • One of the most relaxing, tranquil colors we have is turquoise. This peaceful color is ideal for areas where rest and relaxation are of the utmost importance – think bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Light purple is an elegant, emotional color. It is thought to help fight depression by invoking happy, calming thoughts. Use light purple in bedrooms and other areas where you want calm peacefulness with a touch of elegant grace.