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The Pros and Cons of Refinishing A Bathtub

You know that ugly old bathroom in the back of the house, the one you very rarely go into? Maybe this is the year you do something about it.

You’ve hit the home improvement stores and know you can get a new bathtub for just a few hundred dollars. But that’s not where the real costs lie. Try remodeling a bathroom; hire someone to pull out the old bathtub, redo the walls, install a new one. Before you know it your few hundred has turned into a few thousand. All for a bathroom you really don’t use all that much?

There is a better way. Instead of removing and installing a new one, why not refinish your bathtub instead?

The Pros and Cons of Refinishing A Bathtub

Refinishing a bathtub will save you time. Most bathtubs are installed in a home at the time of construction. Which means they were installed before the drywall was in place, before the tiles were laid, and before the paint dried. Then all of the finishing work was completed after the tub was in place. If a contractor pulls out your existing tub to replace it, a lot of work may turn up in the process. You may need additional trim work. You may need to repaint. You may need new tiling or floors if things don’t align. You may need a custom bathtub if the dimensions don’t work with today’s materials. And as more projects continue to make their way to the to-do list, the more time you’ll need to get your home back to a normal pace.

Refinishing a bathtub will save you money. While the hours continue to add up if you decide to go with a remodel, so to will the amount of money you will spend. Every move a contractor makes, every piece he rips out, every error he finds will cost you more money. What you wanted to be a simple update can quickly turn into a major undertaking. One you might not be prepared for when you decided to make a simple change to a room used on an occasional basis.

Refinishing a bathtub will save you delay. Refinishing doesn’t take weeks or even months while you coordinate with a contractor, choose materials, get permits, have the work completed, etc. Refinishing a bathtub can normally be accomplished in less than a week. A professional can have the old tub stripped, repaired, painted, and allow for drying time in a matter of days. Meaning you can have your house back to normal in less than seven days.

Refinishing isn’t just for bathtubs, the process can be applied to just about anything. Sinks, wall tiles, countertops, shower stalls, even kitchen counters – anything made from fiberglass, acrylic, Formica, tile or marble can be changed with this process.

Are you ready to undergo one of the quickest ways to change the room you’ve been hiding for the past few months or even years? Give us a call today and we’ll show you how easy the process can be.


7 Reasons To Paint Your Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom is a key selling point in your home. Even if you are not selling your home, you still want your bathroom to look its absolute best. After all, this is a room that your guests are likely to visit.

7 Reasons To Paint Your Bathroom TilesIf your budget is limited, you may find it more difficult to make your bathroom look its best. One affordable method of bathroom improvement is painting the tiles. Here are 7 reasons why you should let a professional paint your bathroom tiles.

1. Budget – when your budget is limited, a total remodel is out of the question. Painting the tiles will give you a new look without breaking the bank. A professional knows the best ways to save you money without sacrificing quality.

2. Style – you know you want a new look for your bathroom in your own style, but you may lack the artistic talent. A professional will have the skills to create the look you desire.

3. Remodels – if you are doing a bathroom remodel, you can save money and still have a great, new bathroom by having your tiles painted. A pro will know how to make sure the painted tiles complement your newly-remodeled bathroom.

4. Creativity – if you have a creative image in your mind of how you want your bathroom to look, a professional can bring that image to life by painting the tiles.

5. Quick-fix – if you need a fast method to make your bathroom look new, painting the tiles is the answer. A pro will give you the results you want in a timely manner – just in time for house guests or holidays.

6. Added value – like a new kitchen, a new bathroom adds value to your home. If you plan on selling your home, a professional will make sure the tiles are painted in a manner that will ensure your bathroom adds the extra value.

7. Results – if you take the DIY approach to painting bathroom tiles, you are going to get DIY results. Letting a pro handle this type of job ensures that you get the professional results you deserve.


The Benefits Of Bathtub Refinishing

If you have ever considered selling your home, you know there are a few crucial areas that can make or break the deal with any potential buyer.  The kitchen and the master bedroom are crucial, but just after these rooms, the buyer considers the bathrooms.

If you have an old, dingy, difficult to clean tub; you may be considering replacement.  Before you go out and buy a new tub, you might want to consider the benefits of bathtub refinishing rather than replacement.The Benefits Of Bathtub Refinishing

1. Refinishing your tub is much less complicated than replacing.  Replacing a tub can lead to a total bathroom makeover if you are not careful.  If the new tub has different dimensions then the last tub, you will have to do some patch up work to make up for the difference.   Before you know it, a “simple” task has elevated in complication and cost.  Refinishing a tub produces drastically fewer variables to consider and/or deal with.

2. Refinishing costs much less than replacing.  Unless you have construction experience, you will likely need a contractor to help you tear out the old and put in the new.  In addition to the cost of labor, there is also the cost of disposal.  City pickups are highly unlikely to pick up your old tub, so you will need to take it to the local landfill yourself.  Another cost you might face is permit payments.  Many counties require permits for most bathroom remodeling projects, including replacing your tub.  Refinishing costs are limited to supplies and labor.

3. Refinishing costs have a much shorter timetable than replacing.  Since there are so many details to consider in replacing your tub, you may find yourself unable to use it for up to 10 days.  Refinishing will typically need 24 hours for work and curing before your tub is ready to use again.


One Day Remodeling: Having Your Bathtub Refinished

When your budget is tight and your bathroom needs remodeled, it can be hard to find the middle ground.

You want your bathroom to look its very best. It is one of the rooms in your home, along with the kitchen, that needs to look good at all times.

One Day Remodeling: Having Your Bathtub RefinishedYour bathroom is not just the place where you take long, relaxing baths after work – it is also the room guests will see when they visit your home. So, how do you remodel your bathroom and make it look spectacular when you cannot afford a full remodel? The answer lies in bathtub refinishing.

Having your unsightly bathtub refinished is the fastest, most affordable way to give your bathroom the look and feel of a remodel without all of the expense. Instead of tearing out all of the fixtures in your bathroom – fixtures that are probably in good shape – you only need to refinish the bathtub. Refinishing the tub will make the tub look like a brand new tub – only it will cost you much less than actually buying brand new.

Another important aspect of bathtub refinishing is the timeframe.

A remodel of your entire bathroom is going to take weeks, even months to finish. You can refinish your bathtub in just a matter of hours. In short, you can remodel one of the most important parts of your bathroom for a fraction of the price of buying new and in much less time than a full-scale remodel.

Once you have enough money saved up for a full remodel, you can do it – but until then, there is no reason why you must suffer with an ugly bathroom. Have your tub refinished, and you will have a bathroom you can be proud of!