Painting the interior of your home can be an exciting adventure! There is something very satisfying about creating the perfect color palette and watching it come to life on your walls.

Are Your Interior Paint Selections Trendy?Over the years, there have been many paint trends that have come and gone. Some people relish trendy paint selections – others prefer a more neutral palette. Trendy paint selections are fine for someone that does not mind updating their home’s interior colors every time a trend goes out of style.

What You Should Know Before Changing Colors On A Wall

To help you determine whether your paint selections are trendy or timeless, here are some expert tips to help you choose the best colors for your home.

  • Don’t be afraid of color. It was once a popular choice to use muted, pale colors on your walls. That trend is gone – today, vibrant colors have proven to be a worthy investment. You have the freedom to choose colors that appeal to your senses and your style, so be creative!
  • There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, especially red. Red paint, particularly in the kitchen, was a popular trend. However, times have changed and red is no longer the preferred kitchen color. Red is a very emotional, bold color. It is fine to use as an accent through accessories, but avoid painting an entire room in shades of red.
  • Matching the color of your walls and your ceiling can help hide imperfections and irregularities in the architecture of the room.
  • Accent walls in every room were once a popular choice – today, it is better to use colors that complement each other and flow from room to room. Using complementary colors ensures that your entire home is connected, rather than broken up into separate “blocks” (rooms).

Whether you choose timeless palettes or trendy palettes, make sure you choose colors that you are prepared to live with or change on a regular basis. This is your home, so make it your own!

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