Thinking about painting your home in the New Year? Whether you are considering painting one room, every room in your home, or the exterior, the thought of making a significant change can be both exciting and overwhelming.

Painting is one of those projects that many homeowners tackle themselves. It sounds easy enough. What could possibly go wrong? And if you walk into any home maintenance big box store, the painting department will be one of the biggest sections you’ll find. Who can resist bringing a handful of those paint chips home with you?

7 Ways A Professional Painting Company Brings Value To Your LifeWhen it comes to painting, you can do it yourself. But a professional painting company can bring value you may never have considered before.

1. The value of time.

Painting a small room will take at a minimum one day of your time. Increase the project to something like the exterior of your home, and you may be looking at a several month, all summer long part time job. Is that really how you want to spend your time?

2. The value of color.

What color should you choose for the kitchen? What color holds its value in case you sell? With thousands of paint chips available in the big box store, its easy to pick the “perfect” color, only to realize you’ve created an eyesore later. A professional painter understands color and can help you choose the best.

3. The value of professionalism.

Throw on a coat of paint yourself and you may end up with splotches on the ceiling and drips on the carpet. All things you’ll have to live with (you know, those small annoyances you wish wouldn’t have happened.) With a professional painter, everything will be painted perfectly with no mistakes or mishaps.

4. The value of decisions.

Should I paint or not? Should I change the color or not? So many decisions. Sometimes its easier to do nothing. Many homeowners fall into this category, only to discover a year or two later that their home has sustained extensive damage because of lack of paint. If you have trouble making decisions, let a professional painter help.

5. The value of quality.

Buy paint yourself and you’re likely to find the best sale with the cheapest price. Does that cover well? How long will the paint last? Does it have a high level of VOCs? A professional painter looks at all of that and more when selecting the paint he will apply to your walls.

6. The value of expertise.

Do you know the value of blue tape? Do you know why professional painters love caulk? Because professional painters live with the concept every single day. They study it. They read trade journals. They practice all the time.

7. The value of trends.

Do you know what colors make your home sell faster? Do you know what colors are on their way out? In our lives, things have a way of circulating in and out every single year. If you want to stay on top of the latest and greatest colors, just ask.