1. Add value to your home

Have you ever walked into a friend’s home where they’ve painted a room themselves? You may find drips on the floor, and splotches on the ceiling. The corners may be faded and the color may seem just a bit off. Now imagine walking into the same home as a potential buyer. Would the buyer look at that paint job as a positive or negative selling point? To add true value, make sure every paint job in your home is the best it can be.

7 Reasons To Hire A Professional Painter In Highlands Ranch2. Get things done the right way the first time

Have you ever worked at a project, only to come back a week or two later to discover something wrong? So you spend hours hauling out all the right equipment again to do touch up work to hide your mistakes. Frustrating right? With a professional painter, you can avoid all of that hassle, knowing you’ll get results the first time.

3. Help you choose the right color

Have you ever fallen in love with a color on a small paint chip, only to question your judgement when you see it on the walls? Sometimes its hard envisioning what something will look like as a finished project. That’s where a professional painter comes in. They paint different homes, different rooms every day of the week. They know what colors look good in large living rooms or small bathrooms. They know when to use dark colors and when to use light. They can make suggestions based on what they see in your décor, and what your desired results are. They can show you examples of things they’ve done in the past, and help you make a final decision when you just aren’t sure of the direction to go.

4. Limit paint waste

How much paint will it take to paint your room? One gallon? Two? If you’ve ever faced that dilemma, you might have erred on the side of getting too much. Then at the end of your project, you have a gallon or two (or three) sitting unused in your basement. While its always nice having a little extra paint for touch ups, what will you do with that extra gallon? Chances are it will sit in your basement until its clean up time, and then you’ll have to find a place to dispose of it. When you rely on a professional painter, they know exactly how much paint they’ll need for the job. And provide you with a little extra for touch ups too.

5. Quality paint, quality performance

Which paint should you use to make sure your room is completely covered, and will last for years? It may not be the one on sale down at the big box store. While painting is one of the easiest tasks to do to give your room a whole new look, its still probably something you don’t want to have to redo again and again. If you use quality paint the first time, you won’t have streaks or fading in a short period of time.

6. No sloppy messes

You remember when the dog ran through at the most inopportune time, knocking over the paint can and tracking footprints down the hall? What a mess, right? Yes, it happens more than you know. And that’s the trouble with trying to paint the room yourself on a Saturday afternoon, when all your family wants to do is play. To avoid the mess, let a professional do it.

7. Add more time into your day

What would you rather do on your weekend, paint or watch your child’s soccer game? Would you rather make sure your tarps are in proper position, trek to the big box store again and again for the right equipment, and clean up the mess before dinner time? Or would you rather spend time doing all the other tasks on your to do list? Painting isn’t a quick task. Its an all day job … sometimes two or three. A professional painter gives you your time back to do the things you enjoy doing, rather than creating a mess that might not give you the results you were looking for in the first place.